It's been a while

I seem to say that everytime I blog nowadays. But, my posts have been few and far between, so it is me being honest.

I started blogging in 2003, ironically on Blogger. A long time before it was fashionable. Well, to be fair, a few of my fellow geeky friends were blogging as well, at the moment, it seems all their blogs are either inactive or gone. (Ivan, it's been a while buddy).

Blogging then was very different from today. You couldn't even have comments on the blog. So you were basically blogging into thin air, not knowing how many people were reading it. I remember when I installed a plugin to get 'feedback', from a company called Blogspeak, I was so excited when I installed it. There were some companies who were charging for the service. After a while, I moved to 20six, where I could get commenting and more importantly, email notification of comments, for free. 20six was amazing. It wasn't just about blogging, it was about community. Very quickly, I made some friends. Peter J was the superstar, everyone wanted to be him. And Sez was actually at my wedding, where I met her for the very first time. (Now a proud mum, but doesn't seem to have an online profile outside Facebook). I've moved around a bit as well. 20six got sold to a German company, and they messed it all up. EVERYONE left. (We even have a 20six alumni group in Facebook :) ) I invested some money, and got my own domain boso.me.uk, with webhosting. And now, I've cancelled webhosting, and I'm back on Blogger. What an amazing journey it has been.

I've blogged about everything and anything. Me proposing to my now wife of almost 6 years. The birth of our first child. Her naming ceremony. When I moved back to the UK in 2004, I documented the move, the job hunt, everything. Maybe I may have been to open. Soon, all my friends and family were reading, my co-workers. Given the amount of personal stuff out here, it made me uncomfortable at times, but as far as I know, it never got me into trouble. Well, that's not stricly true. A few years ago, I was doing an interview with Microsoft. And the interviewer had been to my blog. He somehow linked to it, God knows how. And he asked me some very, very, very personal questions from here. It shook me. And what he did was probably unfair, when I think about it. But I think the tone of the blog changed after that. 

Today, I hardly ever blog, it's not so easy when you have a family and a job to juggle. Posts have been getting fewer and fewer. And I'm not sure I have any subscribers left (to RSS feed), or if anyone will read this. And to be honest, Facebook and Twitter now take away a significant part of the 'urge', as I can quickly communicate with my friends, and like minded people.

Anyway, I want to kickstart this. I'm probably going to steer away from personal stuff. But my interests, technology, politics (Nigeria and UK) and football, will feature prominently. I've always enjoyed writing. It's been cathartic in the past, but it's a great hobby, and something I want to start doing again.

I've got a couple of posts in mind, so let's see how this goes. Hopefully, I'll get a couple of my readers back. Or some new ones. Or maybe no one will read this. We'll see.

It's good to be back :)


  1. Hey You !! How've you been?

  2. Welcome back! Some of us are too faithful to live. Blogs like yours are also markers for one's journey here.

  3. Boso! You've been missed.