How many cubes of sugar in a bottle of coke?

I remember as a child in Nigeria, there was an urban myth that there were 9-10 cubes of sugar in a bottle of good old coke. We never really knew if this was true or not. During my most recent trip back home, as I struggled to cope with the heat, I drank a few too many soft drinks, and the subject of this came up. I can't remember who I was discussing with, but it stuck with me. Anyway, today, I went to see the doctor for my quarterly check-up, and going through the newsletter for the surgery, one of the nurses had sat down to answer this very question. So how many cubes do you think are in a bottle of Coke?

So here's how many cubes are in some popular foods and drinks (1 sugar cube = 3g sugar) :

  1. Orange Juice (unsweented 200ml) - 7

  2. Orange (80g) - 2

  3. Coke (330 ml can) - 12! (Closest to a bottle of coke in Nigeria)

  4. Diet Coke (330 ml can) - 0

  5. Lucozade (380 ml can) - 22! (This explains a lot)

  6. Jelly (1 pint made up) - 31 (No more jellies for me!)

  7. Sugar Free Jelly (1 pint made up) - 0

  8. Fruit Pastilles (1 tube 53g pack) - 14

  9. Jam Portion (20g) - 4

  10. Ketchup Portion (10g) - 1

  11. Horlicks (25g serving) - 4

  12. Horlicks Light (32g satchet) - 5! (Lighter is not always better)

  13. Options Sachet - 1

(The nurse quoted her source as the Desmond Diabetic Course for Nurses)

So, with this information, I have to change some aspects of my diet. As someone with a family history of diabetes, and *slighty* overweight, this is eye-opening information. I hope someone else out there finds this useful too.


  1. This makes for very scary reading and makes my recent dieting even more pertinent...

  2. That is something of an eye-opener. Given there's a history of diabetes on one side of my family, perhaps I should be taking some notice myself...

    Mind you, the Lucozade doesn't surprise me, given what it's designed for as a drink.

  3. Locozade 22 cubes.Jesus Christ!!!

  4. Thanks so much Bunmi. This is the exact info I was looking for. God bless.

  5. Wow, wow, wow. I recently bought my mum a pack of Lucozade (24 cans) and was getting ready to buy her another when I decided I should check up on the sugar levels of the drink. Reading up this information on this site has truly shocked me beyond belief.

  6. Thanks for the piece of info *smile* u just saved my friend and I from heated arguement about how many cubes of sugar is in a bottle of coke..........