How many cubes of sugar in a bottle of coke?

I remember as a child in Nigeria, there was an urban myth that there were 9-10 cubes of sugar in a bottle of good old coke. We never really knew if this was true or not. During my most recent trip back home, as I struggled to cope with the heat, I drank a few too many soft drinks, and the subject of this came up. I can't remember who I was discussing with, but it stuck with me. Anyway, today, I went to see the doctor for my quarterly check-up, and going through the newsletter for the surgery, one of the nurses had sat down to answer this very question. So how many cubes do you think are in a bottle of Coke?

So here's how many cubes are in some popular foods and drinks (1 sugar cube = 3g sugar) :

  1. Orange Juice (unsweented 200ml) - 7

  2. Orange (80g) - 2

  3. Coke (330 ml can) - 12! (Closest to a bottle of coke in Nigeria)

  4. Diet Coke (330 ml can) - 0

  5. Lucozade (380 ml can) - 22! (This explains a lot)

  6. Jelly (1 pint made up) - 31 (No more jellies for me!)

  7. Sugar Free Jelly (1 pint made up) - 0

  8. Fruit Pastilles (1 tube 53g pack) - 14

  9. Jam Portion (20g) - 4

  10. Ketchup Portion (10g) - 1

  11. Horlicks (25g serving) - 4

  12. Horlicks Light (32g satchet) - 5! (Lighter is not always better)

  13. Options Sachet - 1

(The nurse quoted her source as the Desmond Diabetic Course for Nurses)

So, with this information, I have to change some aspects of my diet. As someone with a family history of diabetes, and *slighty* overweight, this is eye-opening information. I hope someone else out there finds this useful too.