Big Fan?

"The fact that it was Liverpool made it impossible for me to turn them down. As I'm a fan, it doesn't matter what club I was at. I could never turn Liverpool down" - Craig Bellamy on signing for Liverpool, June 22, 2006.

"I'm thrilled to be coming back home to Cardiff and am excited at the prospect of wearing the shirt and playing for the club I've supported since I was a boy" - Craig Bellamy on signing for Cardiff, August 17, 2010.

At the time he signed for Liverpool, I blogged about it:

"A quick, hardworking striker. Also, a Liverpool fan, although Stevie Gerrard would beg to differ......."

So, turns out Stevie G was right !!

P.S. Looking at that old blog post, all the signings from that season turned out to be duds. Only one still there is Aurelio, who was actually let go by Benitez, but resigned by Hodgson.

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  1. Maybe Craig is one of those people with a second team. It's something I don't understand as a Liverpool supporter but some fans of lower league clubs seem to like to add a big premiership team to their list of clubs they support.

    As for the signings that year being duds, I think thats unfair on those players. Paletta I agree with, he still gives me nightmares about the way Baptista destroyed him in that Carling cup game. Gonzalez as well.

    But Pennant and Bellamy both did a job for us. Bellamy scored at the Nou Camp and helped fund the arrival of Torres. Pennant was once man of the match in a Champions league final. They filled gaps while Rafa tried to raise cash for bigger and better players.