Big Fan?

"The fact that it was Liverpool made it impossible for me to turn them down. As I'm a fan, it doesn't matter what club I was at. I could never turn Liverpool down" - Craig Bellamy on signing for Liverpool, June 22, 2006.

"I'm thrilled to be coming back home to Cardiff and am excited at the prospect of wearing the shirt and playing for the club I've supported since I was a boy" - Craig Bellamy on signing for Cardiff, August 17, 2010.

At the time he signed for Liverpool, I blogged about it:

"A quick, hardworking striker. Also, a Liverpool fan, although Stevie Gerrard would beg to differ......."

So, turns out Stevie G was right !!

P.S. Looking at that old blog post, all the signings from that season turned out to be duds. Only one still there is Aurelio, who was actually let go by Benitez, but resigned by Hodgson.


Low Budget Movie Titles

If you live in the UK, then you know that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition (fondly know as the ConDem government), are on a mission to slash government spending like it's going out of fashion.

Earlier this week, they annouced the abolishment of the British Film Council, up by the last  Labour government to develop and promote the British film industry.

So, as there is now less money to fund British Movies, The Now Show asked listeners to come up with names for low budget movies. I thought they were quite good, and have decided to share.

Have a look at these, if you have any ideas for a few more, please add them in the comments section. Or just pick your favourite.

The Devil wears Primark

Walking Miss Daisy

Free Willy (With every packet of cornflakes)

The Discount of Monte Cristo

Star Wars: The Empire Cuts Back

Bridge on the River Y

Murder on the National Express

The Burger King and I

A couple of Things I hate about You

The tramp and the tramp

Schindler's post-it note

The Bargain Hunt for Red October

The Six Billion (Zimbabwean) Dollar man

The Bournemouth Ultimatum

The Mancunian Candidate

Seven Brides for £7.50

Breakfast at Ratner's


Scratchcard Royale