The perils of working from home: True Story

So this morning, I was on a conference call with a customer and a colleague. I was 'leading' the call, so basically showing the customer something on my screen, and discussing stuff with him. We're about 10 minutes into the call, and things are going well.

Then the doorbell rings.

My doorbell is really loud, and EVERYONE on the call hears it. Who can this be, I wonder? More importantly, will he/she ring the bell again? (And disturb my call again). Am I expecting anyone important? My car is in front of the house, so whoever is there will know I'm at home. I was expecting someone to do some work in the bathroom this week, and today's Friday, so it might be him, although he normally calls before he shows up. Will all this running through my mind, I decide that I have to go and see who is at the door.

I excuse myself from the call. So everyone is on hold, as nothing can happen till I get back. I race downstairs. Front door is locked. My key is......upstairs. Dang. I go into the kitchen, and pop my head through the window. "Who's there?"


Any suggestions on how I can securely dispose of two bodies will be welcome.

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  1. Got you your local shopping centre. There will be, probably in the vicinity of the car park, a skip for all the shops' waste with an electric/hydraulic scoop to lift rubbish over the top. The bodies won't be found until they've reached the landfill site. And that's if the authorities are lucky.
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