Still here.....

Hey everyone, just to let you all know (well, I think I only have one reader left, thanks Jason!), that I'm still here. I've been really busy, but that's not an excuse, I have simply lost the will to blog. I'm not sure why, but let's see how it goes.

Happy New Year in arrears to everyone. I should be back blogging soon, once I sort myself out.

So, here we are, a few days away from the inaguration of the first black president of the USA, knee deep in the worst recession of our lifetime, but hey, hope everyone is doing ok.

Baby O is doing great, she doesn't stop talking now, and she loves to sing !! We listen to the radio on the way to work/nursery and she's picked up all the hits of the day, from Pink to Rihanna........scary !!

Anyway, I should soon find something interesting to blog about, and hope that at least one person will read it.

Take care !