It hurts like hell

After weeks of making up my mind, I made my move on the 21st of April 2005. And when you finally arrived a few days later, I was in awe. I told everyone about you, about how you changed my life. I mean, I could actually watch TV and use my PC at the same time, and ON THE SAME SCREEN !!!!!!

My Future proof TV !! My very first bonus went on this little baby. Before I had ever heard of HDTV, this TV was ready and waiting.

Last week, it 'blew up' and a few hours later, it was dead. Today, I took the TV to the tip.  And as I drove away, I thought of all the good times we've had together.

Now I'm looking for a new 26 inch screen to replace this baby, but I'll miss you so much...........


An Historic Event

November 4th 2008. The day a black man was elected to the most powerful politcal office in the world. A day will talk about to our children, and our children's children.

The image above will stick with me for life. Rev. Jesse Jackson reduced to tears, what he couldn't do, Obama has done.