The world according to Baby O

"Apple" - Any round fruit including apples, oranges, satsumas

"Nana" - Banana, was the first word she learnt to say, not mummy or daddy, nope, "nana" !!

"How are you?" and "Hello" - She says this all the time !!

"Bye Bye" - Can mean bye bye or "go away", depending on who she wants to walk away, you or her

"Eat" - She's hungry !

"Nice" - She says this if she's enjoying her food

"Biit" - A combination of "biscuit" and "eat". Used to be her favourite food, but that title now belongs to "Apple" see above

"More" - She wants more !! Usually with regards to food.

"Phone" - Your phone's ringing, pick it up !!

"Again" - She wants you to sing a song again, or she's saying it to the TV hoping to hear something again.

"Wash your hands" - She picked this up from day care, and now, she's come up with a song for it !!

"Flower" - Flower, tree, or even drawings of flowers on the curtains

"Water" - Water, juice, anything in liquid form

"Sorry" - She says this to herself !! When she falls over or drops something usually.

"Shoe" - Any shoes beware. Baby O has been known to try on any shoes she finds, size is not a detterent !!

"Sleep" and "Tired" - She wants to go to bed !!

"Bath" - She can see you're getting her ready for a bath. Prepare for the constant battle of trying to stop her drinking the bath water.

"Beebies" - CeeBeebies is her favourite TV station, and she says this when she wants you to turn on the TV.

She can also make animal noises !! If you say the name of any of the following animals :

Horse (Neigh)
Cow (Moooooooo)
Sheep (Baaaaaa)
Dog or Puppy (Woof Woof!)
Cat (Miaow)
Moneky (OOOhh AAAAAAhhh)
Bird (Tweet Tweet)
Duck or Geese (Quack Quack)

Her speech is coming along nicely, and anything you say, she will repeat, be warned !!


  1. How wonderfully gorgeous. I remember when she was born. How time flys!

  2. “Sorry” - She says this to herself !! When she falls over or drops something usually.

    aww that's so sweet!!!