Dear Internet,

It's been a while since we were forced apart. 10th of April was the exact date. As I was getting ready for work, I sat down to have a quick 'chat' with you, to find out what was going on in the world, and to check on a few things.  I got back from work to find that, due to someone else's mistake, you were gone. I hoped to get you back soon, but so far, all attempts to get you back have been met with frustration.

I never realised how much I depended on you. When I needed directions to get somewhere, you were there. When I wanted to find out how the football was going, you were there. When I needed to find out some obscure fact about some silly celebrity, you always knew the answer. When I wanted to chat with my 'real-life' and online friends, you hooked us up. When I wanted to take out my frustration on other people, you allowed me to play FIFA 08 with people from all over the world. When I had a job interview, and needed to do research on the company, or needed to brush up on my knowledge, you had all the answers after a few clicks. You were everything to me. As the saying goes, you never appreciate something/someone till they are gone. I've had you in my life for so long, I never realised how important you had become.

The last few weeks without you have been crazy. We moved house, and we didn't have you to tell us where to find stuff in our new neighbourhood. I had no way of getting the latest podcasts to pass away the time. And I had to use my phone to talk to people, I mean, I had to actually speak to them !! With so much of my life online, I've found it hard to blog, study, keep up with internet gossip. My Playstation 3 is begging to be updated to the latest software. My PC reminds me everything I turn it on that it needs to update the security software. Windows XP Service Pack 3 is out, and I haven't tried it out yet. Grand Theft Auto 4 is gathering dust on the shelf, and I haven't played it online yet.

Mind you, we've managed to steal a few moments together. Before we moved, I went to a friend's house to sit down with you for a few hours a week. And my mobile phone allows me to find out what is happening in the world of facebook. But it's not the same.

Yesterday, I got a call from BT, telling me that they should have sorted out all the problems they were having, and that by next week Friday, we should be together again. 8 more days !! I have to warn you, Friday night, my wife and I will both be fighting for you, as we have both missed you very much. I suspect you won't have a moment to rest till Sunday night when we go to bed.

Take care old friend. Till we meet again.

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  1. I'm having withdrawal syndromes too... no internet at my new place either.... should be sorted by saturday... i hope i make it that long...