On Friday, I got home to find out my Internet had been disconnected.

I then called BT, and for the next three hours, spoke to several people, and have come to the conclusion that I spoke to some of the least intelligent people on this planet that night.

The long and short is this:

1. A cease order was placed on my line. When I called BT with regards to another matter on Thursday, the lady did mention that it would seem that there was a cease on my line, to which I told her it was not possible, as I'd had the connection for less than a week.

2. BT tried to blame me for ordering a cease. The thing is, it takes 5 days for them to cease broadband. Since the connection only lasted for seven days, that means that a day or two after the broadband was connected, someone decided to cancel it.

3. BT refused to take responsibility for the 'mistake' to cancel my broadband, after screaming down the phone that I never asked for a cease, they changed their tone, saying that the broadband had been cancelled due to 'technical problems.' Of course, when I asked for further information on what these problems were, no one could give me any.

Anyway, I've decided not to continue with BT if only one week after using them as an ISP for the first time, they can decide to terminate my account and not tell me. I was offered a 'dial-up connection' while I wait another 5 days for them to turn the broadband back on, which I turned down.

The good thing about not having the internet for a while is that sadly, you get used to it.

I'm going to find a cheaper provider with hopefully, a better level of service.

And at the same time, I need to find out how to complain either directly to BT, or to the regulator for what I think is pretty rotten treatment to their customer, and blatant dishonesty for trying to blame me for the problem.


  1. http://www.ofcom.org.uk/complain/internet/

    You'll probably get more sense out of them as the communications regulator than you will out of BT...

  2. That's very horrible service. Usually, it's the customer service that gets screamed at.

    That line about getting used to no internet access rings true -- just that in my case, I have a slow one.

  3. Try Vodafone, I have no regrets and if follows me wherever I go...