You'll never walk alone.....

(Sing to the tune of Let it Be by the Beatles)

When we find ourselves in times of trouble,
Benitez comes to me.
Speaking words of wisdom, Stevie G !!!!
Stevie G, Stevie G, Stevie G, Stevie G
There will be an answer.
Stevie G !!!!


Chelsea, are you watching?? BRING IT !!!!


  1. wow!...arsenal played us off the park for the first 30 mts coupled with liverpool playing shite as well..but the true spirit and passion of Anfield has saved us yet again...and while the penalty will be debated..well played Arsenal and Walcott..and kudos to Torres and Babel who eventually saved us!...a great game...had everything...and lets hope the Reds can play better n keep going..Chelsea again..this time with second tie at the Bridge...but Liverpool have to rise again!!

  2. You should have seen the atmosphere at my Arsenal dominated office the day after. To make it worse for them, one of the resident geeks there is a bloody Scouser!