The travails of Boso.........

Just when I thought I was getting back into my blogging grove, Sky broadband pull the carpet from under my feet.

We've moving house in a couple of weeks, so I call them to move the TV service and cancel the broadband ON THE 30th of April. Sounds simple enough, right? Anyway, the cretin I spoke to decided to place the cease order on the broadband immediately. It takes 10 days to kill a broadband connection, so imagine my shock when I got home on Thursday, and the Internet was gone.

They admitted that they made a mistake, however, it takes 15 days to connect broadband, so there's no point in trying to reconnect us. Also, until the new phone line becomes active on the 26th, I can't order broadband on it, and that takes 5 - 15 days to be activated. (If I use BT Broadband, 5 days, anyone else is 10-15 days).

So, a month without the Internet.

A month without facebook.

One whole month.

God help me.


  1. Hello Boso,

    Don't despair, I am sure you can get Internettes pads from your chemist just like nicorettes that help smokers deal with nicotine withdrawal problems.

    Those hell-desk people cannot seem to get any instructions right, basically after placing an order have them recite back to you what they have done, just in case.



  2. Boso, how is it that they can disconnect you so quickly, but can't correct their mistakes for 15 days?! Looking forward to when you're all connected again, moved, settled.....

  3. Take it as a blessing. At least it is bye bye to FB...

  4. That stinks! Well be sure to pop by when you get all hooked up again! I'd keep you on the up and up of facebook but we are not friends on there so sorry bud!

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