The travails of Boso.........

Just when I thought I was getting back into my blogging grove, Sky broadband pull the carpet from under my feet.

We've moving house in a couple of weeks, so I call them to move the TV service and cancel the broadband ON THE 30th of April. Sounds simple enough, right? Anyway, the cretin I spoke to decided to place the cease order on the broadband immediately. It takes 10 days to kill a broadband connection, so imagine my shock when I got home on Thursday, and the Internet was gone.

They admitted that they made a mistake, however, it takes 15 days to connect broadband, so there's no point in trying to reconnect us. Also, until the new phone line becomes active on the 26th, I can't order broadband on it, and that takes 5 - 15 days to be activated. (If I use BT Broadband, 5 days, anyone else is 10-15 days).

So, a month without the Internet.

A month without facebook.

One whole month.

God help me.


You'll never walk alone.....

(Sing to the tune of Let it Be by the Beatles)

When we find ourselves in times of trouble,
Benitez comes to me.
Speaking words of wisdom, Stevie G !!!!
Stevie G, Stevie G, Stevie G, Stevie G
There will be an answer.
Stevie G !!!!


Chelsea, are you watching?? BRING IT !!!!


It's been too long !!

Gosh, I haven't updated this page in AGES. I've been so busy with work and family, that I had to put blogging on the back burner. Anyway, here's a quick update of what has been happening in my life for the last month and a half:

1. We're HOMEOWNERS !! On the 30th of March, me and Mrs. Boso purchased a 3 bedroom house in a lovely rural setting. We'll be moving in at the end of April, and I have to say, it's exciting times !!

2. Baby O is growing up to be a very happy and more importantly HEALTHY baby. After an appointment with a dermatologist on Wednesday, the eczema that has made her life a living hell (and given up several sleepless nights) is FINALLY in remission. For the last six months, my poor daughter has suffered, but hopefully the worst is now behind us. Our GP told us for months that there was nothing a dermatologist would tell us that he wasn't telling us already, and it was only after she went into anphylatic shock twice over the Christmas period that he referred us to see a specialist, and even then, we went with a private specialist and not on the NHS. Another story, which I hope to tell in greater detail over the coming days.

3. Baby O is becoming a right little chatterbox. Her vocabulary is growing, and over the coming days, I'll try and post about that as well.

4. My landlord is a devious, scheming, lying, no-good crook. He is trying to hold on to our deposit without giving any concrete reasons. I am doing my best to resolve this amicably, however, if push to comes to shove, he is in breach of recent legislation requiring landlords to pay all deposits into a deposit protection scheme, and as far as I am aware, he has not done so. The penalty would be a fine, he would be required to pay us back 3 times the value of the deposit. If I cannot come to an agreement with him this week, I need to make an application in our local county court. I'm not sure how to do this, or if I need to engage the services of a lawyer, but hope to find out by the end of this week. If anyone reading this knows how I can go about this, please email me ASAP (There is a "Contact Me" link in the top left hand corner of the blog, under navigation). Thanks in advance.

Hope you are all doing well. I may not have been commenting on all your blogs, but believe me, I check them out almost daily.