Nigeria's next manager

Sunday Oliseh?

Any thoughts?

I remember when he started playing for Nigeria, as soon as I saw him, I thought, he would make a great captain for the team one day. He eventually became captain, but left the role controversially.  He clearly has leadership skills, he has been coaching in Belgium, and will complete his Uefa Badge soon.

Could he be the man to take Nigeria to the promised land?


  1. Confirmed! Oliseh has got his UEFA badge.
    I hope the hawks at the NFA Glass House will recorgnise this prophet.
    Oliseh We Want!!!

    Which Way Nigeria's last blog post..Selecting Leaders in Africa

  2. I don't know a whole lot about him, but I do think it's a positive step! Hopefully he can take Nigeria back up the world rankings where they belong.

  3. My preferred choice would be Keshi, but a Nigerian for crying out loud. That is what we need.

    Chxta's last blog post..Two nuns

  4. I am sold on the idea of Oliseh being the next manager. He surely knows the game. But then that is just one part of it.

    Ababoy's last blog post..Sky: Channel 331

  5. guerreiranigeriana7 February 2008 at 08:54

    i am all for a naija coach...let's give our own a chance...maybe they'll care a little more and our high-class players will show some pride and play like they can...

  6. Oliseh ?
    Dream on . Dream on.. Dream on...

    Whatever made all of you to believe it is the shortage of nigeria A-badgers , thats the issue ?

    Even Yaradua awaits his fate at the tribunals, and all of una my ppl imagines Vogts will be fired, for a newbie Oliseh ?

    Dream on. dream on . dream on