I can see (hear) clearly now, the rain (pain) is gone...........

All my life I have never been able to use earphones like the ones in the photo above. They look really cool, and 'neater' than the traditional headphones, so I have never stopped trying. But I had the same problems everytime, they would not fit in my ear, and when I eventually managed to get them to fit, they were extremely uncomfortable, and I could not wear them for too long. I thought that the problem was that I didn't know how to use them properly, maybe I wasn't putting them in the right way?

A few weeks ago, I had a really, really bad ear infection, and had to go and see the doctor several times. One day, during his ear exam, he said :

"Do you know that your ear canal is really narrow? It's nothing to worry about, but it's narrower than the average ear, probably the smallest I've seen in an adult, that's all. "

This morning, as I picked up my earphones, I now know why I will probably never be able to use them again. It's taken years of trial and error (and a lot of wasted money, buying new earphones, looking for the 'perfect' one), but now, I can listen to my music comfortably, and wear my headphones with pride !!



  1. OH YEAH FOR YOU!!! That HAS to be very exciting for you. I'm glad that you finally know the reason why you couldn't get regular ear phones to work and those ones you did find look AWESOME!!

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  2. Now those are a really handsome set of headphones!

  3. Welcome to my world. I've been using old fashioned ear phones unashamedly with my iPod for a long time now. Anyone who doesn't like it can take a running dive in the Thames...

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