What can I say?

Busy, busy, and more busy !!!

I've changed roles at work so I'm a lot busier now, but I have to say, a lot happier. For almost two years, I've been sitting down with little or no work to do, so to finally not have to keep myself busy is a massive bonus.

However, I've had to take a few days off, I was ill for a while, then Baby O has been ill a couple of times, she is currently suffering from a bout of tonsilitis.

And football? Well, Liverpool has lost 4th place, plus been in the news for the wrong reasons off the pitch. My one shining hope was that Nigeria would win the African Cup of Nations, but that looks next to impossible with this team of overpaid millionaires, I think living in England, they are now like the English National Team !!

Anyway, the one piece of good news was that I became a British Citizen on Wednesday. I had to attend a Citizenship ceremony, to swear allegiance to Queen Elizabeth, 'her heirs and successors', and promise to be a good boy. I have to say, I'm proud to be British, I was speaking to a recruitment agency on Thursday, and when as for my nationality, and I said British, it felt........STRANGE !!! lol.

Anyway, believe it or not, January is all but gone. 2008 will go almost as fast as 2007. Yikes.

(I've had a few requests to shed more light on Baby O's 'condition' will do so soon, just need to get my head around it!)


  1. Hey Boso, congratulations are in order, both on your new job and on your citizenship. See you upfront for England soon, eh? ;)

  2. Britboy Boso,


    Complicated feelings shey ? Being crowned british and being happy.

    If the Enahoros, the Awolowos and the Aziks were given another shot @ life, or shall I say, given a rewind and replay, to see the inverted fortunes and realities of our lives, rather generation, I'd wish to Heaven to know what they 'll feel like. What their vision will be, what their pride will sound like...and something tells me how I dream!

    Dont get me wrong, I am merely being academic & not in anyway out to attack your sensibilities...I guess you feel me, with your obvious strangeness at being british on the phone as mentioned up here.... Dont worry, you'll soon get used to it.

    But, might it be said that had we been able to entitle ourselves to some decency in motherland - where we can at least switch on our fridges without having to remember where the gen set is, or flick on our cars, without wondering which 'petrol station' we might get fuel, or get our kids thru university without having to buy Jamb scores, or call some 3 digit number, and get some human ( well treated) officers to rescue us from a mere car crash, or play our football in Tunisia/USA94ish mode- No one of us will dare look the way of mama Eli's red covers....

    let alone talk of taking allegiance to the same fabled kingdom, that our previous generation fought so hard to reject....well, someday, the table will turn (apologies, BN).

    I shudder at the overall significance, but I have to 'congratulate' you for making it thru Jaqui Smith's classes all the way to Charlie's mama cert! :(

    goodluck for the future, britboy!

  3. yo brit.....damn..so ur one of them now...british citizen.pledge allegience to the queen n all..well atleast should make things easier for you now..as far as living here is concerned....hope baby O s well now n regards to all...i still cant believe you r one of them...:-)

  4. Congratulations
    Looks like this is gonna be a great year for you
    More wonderful surprises await you.

    Oracle's last blog post..Happy New Year (2)

  5. Hehe...since you are proud to be British, you shouldn't feel...strange rite? You would soon get use to it...and like they say, things can only get better now, right?

    Ivan's last blog post..Is Rafidah Doing a Zam?

  6. Ah Boso, congrats on the new job AND the new citizenship. I know how proud you are about your heritage and I know that you will be just as proud of your new citizenship!!! It's feels strange because it's new. That's all! It's like anything, the more time passes the more natural it will feel. WAY TO GO!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

    And honey, you tell the baby O story if and when you are good and ready. Bottom line is that she is better now!

    Mylozmom's last blog post..The worlds are realigning again!

  7. Congratulations Boso and Get well soon. cheers.

  8. Congratulations on the new job and the citizenship :) That's awesome!

    Baby O had a condition?!? I've been out of the loop for way too long.

    Blueandtigger's last blog post..Mom

  9. I'm new here. I like ur blog and ur style of writing. Keep your fingers busy!


    Chris's last blog post..Mischief at work: I GOT PUNK’D

  10. Come on dude having a british passport never made anyone 'british' ...

    kush's last blog post..Football, Arsenal Vs Man Utd

  11. Do you need a Visa to go home.
    Congratulations, the passport is pretty handy

    Ababoy's last blog post..Countdown to Super Bowl XLII

  12. Oh yay! Congrats on becoming a Brit! Welcome to the club of tea-drinking, complaining about the weather and joining the end of a queue wherever you see one ;) Lol.
    Congrats on the job too!

    Pandy's last blog post..Small but amazing