What can I say?

Busy, busy, and more busy !!!

I've changed roles at work so I'm a lot busier now, but I have to say, a lot happier. For almost two years, I've been sitting down with little or no work to do, so to finally not have to keep myself busy is a massive bonus.

However, I've had to take a few days off, I was ill for a while, then Baby O has been ill a couple of times, she is currently suffering from a bout of tonsilitis.

And football? Well, Liverpool has lost 4th place, plus been in the news for the wrong reasons off the pitch. My one shining hope was that Nigeria would win the African Cup of Nations, but that looks next to impossible with this team of overpaid millionaires, I think living in England, they are now like the English National Team !!

Anyway, the one piece of good news was that I became a British Citizen on Wednesday. I had to attend a Citizenship ceremony, to swear allegiance to Queen Elizabeth, 'her heirs and successors', and promise to be a good boy. I have to say, I'm proud to be British, I was speaking to a recruitment agency on Thursday, and when as for my nationality, and I said British, it felt........STRANGE !!! lol.

Anyway, believe it or not, January is all but gone. 2008 will go almost as fast as 2007. Yikes.

(I've had a few requests to shed more light on Baby O's 'condition' will do so soon, just need to get my head around it!)


NHS - National Hopeless Services

Haven't done a post in a while, it's been crazy over in Boso land. Where do I begin? My poor little Baby O has been through so much in the last few weeks, but hopefully, the worst is behind us.

Christmas Day: was spent at my Aunt's house. All was going well, and then Doctor Who came on the telly. All of a sudden, Baby O developed a terrible rash, and was itching all over. One thing led to another, and she was in an ambulance on the way to hospital, and I was driving in a car behind her. At the hospital, she was fine....was playing and singing without a care in the world, in the midst of a lot of sick children.

Last Thursday: Back at work after the Christmas break, and it was so far so good. I went down to the restaurant for lunch, when the managing teacher of the day care came to meet me, and asked me to go to my daughter's classroom ASAP. I got there, and her lips were swollen, happened during her lunch. She was struggling, and lost consciousness for a while, fortunately, the first aid guy gave her some oxygen, and she came too. And so, less than 2 weeks later, we were in an ambulance again, on the way to the hospital. (In the ambulance, she removed her oxygen mask, and put it on my face........it was a moment that was so sweet, it almost made me cry).

So after all this, we went to our family doctor (GP). We have been asking for a referral to see an allergy specialist or dermatologist for months. Two ambulance rides finally convinced them that this was not such a bad idea. The doctor said, no problem, the secretary will type up the letter tomorrow morning.

So I call on Friday morning. The receptionist laughed at me. At first, she said that the doctor was taking a consultation, and that would take some time. I told her that I had private medical insurance, so I was going to a private doctor, all I needed was their letter. It takes 2-3 working days to type a letter, she said. I could not believe my ears. 2-3 days? To type a letter which the template was probably sitting somewhere on the PC? Yes, she said. She explained to me that the secretary was on holiday, and that she was typing letters as part of her own job, and had a bit of a backlog. I shouted down the phone "My daughter almost died yesterday, and you're telling me I have to wait for the weekend and then a few more days for you to type a letter?" she apologized, but mentioned that there was nothing she could do for me.

Fortunately, on Monday, the real secretary came back from her holidays, and apologized for the delay, our referral letter was ready. We booked an appointment with the doctor for Wednesday.

The difference between the NHS and private healthcare is like night and day. Everyone was kind, nice, helpful and polite. They spoke to us like human beings. I could go on and on.

We've finally pinned down what is wrong with Baby O. I could talk about it here, but I think I'll save it for another post, this one is long enough already. But it all makes sense now. And since then, things have improved immensely.

She's back in day care on Monday, and I'm back at work (I also had a nasty ear infection last week).

It's been a rocky start to 2008, but I hope it's all behind us now !!