We're getting there !!!

I changed my web  host this week, and moved my blog over to the new host. To be honest, I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but was afraid of all the data I would lose, like pictures, and the blog design, but since my previous host lost everything all on their own, they pushed me along.......

It's about the same as what I was paying before, but these new guys (Bluehost) are recommended by wordpress, and have 24/7 support, which I've actually used while setting up this whole account.

The strangest thing is that while my nameserver records were being updated, I actually had two blogs, and for a while, it was pretty random which one you saw. At home, I was getting connected to the new one, while at work, I was getting connected to the old one. Sppadic and Calabar Gal both left comments on the old blog, which is now offline, so sorry folks, but thanks for stopping by !!

Now, I'm working on the plugins that power this baby, it took a while for me to find all of them again, but I've got all shiny new versions, and it's a painstaking process of activating them, making sure they don't break the blog in any way, one by one. Most of the stuff they do can't be seen by you guys, but you may notice one or two things over the next few days.

After that, I'll have to rebuild my blogroll, I'll use my RSS feeds, this will be a good opportunity to remove inactive blogs as well.

Then, it will be time to work on the design, looking for a good theme for the blog that works with my combination of plugins. It will take a few weeks, but hey, it's fun, and I'm not complaining !!

I think I can start blogging again as well, haven't been able to do anything sensible in a month, which is a real shame.........


  1. Glad you're back up and running, Boso, painstaking it is, but I'm sure you'll be proud of the results.

  2. you should try the one click install plugin, it'll save you loads of time getting all the plugins and themes back!
    I hope it goes smoothly for you

    Andy Bailey's last blog post..Sneak peak at my new theme

  3. *Dons party hat and readies the champagne*

    Shall I pop this cork now or when you're back up to full sail?

    Scary Rob's last blog post..Adventures in Domestic Stupidity