Taxi for Steve McLaren

No punchline needed.

To all friends, family and even neighbours of Steve McLaren, please do not pick up a paper tomorrow morning. The press have been sharpening their knives for this man for weeks, and you might just get caught in the the carnage.

England paid for a poor first half, they did very well to get back in the game, but they were just poor tonight. Croatia were magnificent, especially since they did not need anything from this match.

Beckham has played his last match for England, he will probably never get that 100th cap.

At least, the English players will have next summer off !!!!

And to all foreign players in the premiership, watch out, because once they are done with McLaren, they're coming after you. !!


  1. whats a 3 pin plug and steve mclaren got in common? both are useless in europe lol !!!

  2. well who would have thought...the english were given a lifeline and that too at home and couldnt win the game...they sorely missed some players but surely the amount to talent there is - they should have been able to atleast draw...and yes atleast there wont all the hype with the Euro next year...:-) Should be an interesting circus to get the next manager -

    The simple problem that England have is this- the players dont practice with each other enough n dont play enough- too much rivalries in club football level- and while somehow other countries manage to do it.perhaps its time to look at the money and overriding fanatical nature of football in this country-..but is no solace to England fans...
    I end with these words

    "Tickets for Wembley to watch England vs Croatia-£ 50, watching England get beaten and not even go to Euro 2008- priceless"

  3. England was so sure they were going to beat croatia, they never saw those goals coming. The first two goals were absolutely shocking. Thank God England managed to equalise and one would have hoped that they would have strived to keep the scores that way but alas it wasnt to be. A third shocker - and no one saw it coming.

    Oh well, I guess the lesson from this match (I hope) is that they'll never take another team - known or unkown for granted ever again.

    Calabar Gal's last blog post..Passing Out

  4. Goodbye, Steve McLaren. I can't think of any time that the coach has been more to blame, his tactics and his selection has been so poor.