Sick leave….

Hello friends...

Sadly, my blog has been on sick leave for about 2 weeks.

Due to 'technical issues' with my webhost, my blog went missing, and I've been fighting tool and nail for them to restore it from a backup. This has now been done, sadly, it appears I've lost TONS of data. The blog text is all intact (Thank God), but it seems that all my images are gone, my layout (which took several painful hours to design), my plugins, are all gone.

I guess the good news is that in essence, I've got a brand spanking new blog to play with !! But it will take a while, time which sadly, I don't have too much of at the moment. I'll try and resolve all technical issues before the end of the week, once that is done, then I'll start working on the layout again, and searching for, and reinstalling plugins.

I'll post every now and then while I'm doing this, but I reckon it will be next year before the blog is up and running to my satisfaction.


  1. daffy/feathers...14 November 2007 at 16:31

    I did try to visit you and I just got a blank screen.
    Glad you are ok, I thought you had ran away without a word! :o)
    Have fun getting it decorated to your standard. Hope you are ok. (and the family of course)

  2. Thanks Tracy.....it's been really tough.

    SPPADIC and Calabar Gal - Sorry, your comments were lost. I'll explain later......

  3. I'm glad too mate! Hope you all get it sorted out soon!
    I was worried when My RSS Reader saw you vanish!!

    Jason's last blog post..Panic Stations!