I won !!!

1994 was the first time I ever played FIFA Soccer. It was on the Sega Megadrive, and I remember playing mock world cups with my friends. Since then, I've been a FIFA fanatic, I've played almost every single FIFA game since then, on consoles, PC and even mobile phone !! I was briefly converted to Pro Evo in 2005, but FIFA 07 brought me back to my first love. And right now, FIFA 08 is getting a lot of love on my PS3.....

Anyway, I digress.

Every week on FIFA 08, you can represent the club you support online, in the Interactive Leagues. And every week, there's a prediction competition for the results of the Interactive Leagues. And last time out, yours truly won, with 9 out of 10 results spot on. The only result I got wrong was the Arsenal - Reading match, which ended in a draw. (Remember it's the Interactive League results, not the real life ones). So Arsenal fans, you messed me up !!

Anyway, the game downloads a podcast every week, and this week, they named me as the winner, and said how close I came to winning. It's mentioned about halfway through the podcast. They pronounced my name as 'BoZo', not 'Boso', but I don't mind, lol.

The prize is any EA game of your choice, so I've decided to go for the sequel to a game that gave me many hours of Joy on the original Xbox.

[gametrailers 22092]

Mecenaries 2 is not out till February, but I think it's worth the wait !!

And I thought I'd take the chance to show one of the funniest game trailers I've ever seen, which coincidentally, is also an EA game.

[gametrailers 17334]

It's pretty original and it shows how far video game advertising has gone.


  1. Congrats!!! Aside interactive game predictions, Bozo,(I can address you that since you dont mind) are you also good in predicting the real game?

    twinstaiye's last blog post..This is cool - So who was driving?

  2. twinstaiye » Ha Ha !!

    I've never tried real life prediction before, but then again, I'd never tried this before until last week !! You know what they say, if at first you succeed, don't take any more STUPID chances :)