The post that could have been COME ON ENGLAND but is now called "Bad things happen in threes……."

This weekend looked like it was going to be a hat-trick of sporting glory....

1. England would beat Russia in the football and qualify for the Euro 2008 championship with a game to spare. I'll do a post later this week about the England team and all that....called 'Why England will win Euro 2008'

2. The England Rugby Team would win in the World Cup final, against the favourites South Africa.

3. Lewis Hamilton would cap off a fine season by clinching the Formula 1 championship. All he needed to do was come 1st or second.

Well, what happened?

1. England was 1-0 ahead, and after four minutes of madness, Russia were in the lead, and won the match. Now England's qualifying hopes are hanging by a thread, basically hoping that results go their way, if Russia fail to win in Israel or Croatia fail to beat Macedonia (probably never going to happen), then England will need to beat Croatia to qualify. But it is very possible that by then, England would be out, and everyone will be asking for the manager to be sacked. Tsk Tsk.

2. Hey, it was always a long shot, wasn't it? Well, England gave it their best shot, and went down gallanty......6-15 to the mighty Springbok.

3. Now this one was painful. A pretty bad start, and a careless mistake, and he found himself in 8th place. Then, even worse, a dodgy gearbox dropped him into 18th place !! The dream was over. But he battled on, and ended up in a remarkable 7th place, sadly outside the points. If he had come 6th, he would be world champion right now. Fortunately, that IDIOT a.k.a Fernando Alonso, who has been acting like a real spoilt brat didn't win it, the outsider Kimi Raikkonen won the race, and with it the world champsionship. Lewis Hamilton will be bitterly dissapointed, but he should not despair, he's had a REMARKABLE season, he will be champion one day, I'm sure of it. And Alonso will end up driving a lorry across the continent................................

So, England failed to win on all three fronts. So, so sad........

STOP PRESS : Edit at 23:22 (21-10-07)

Hamilton may yet be crowned World Champion.The cars of BMW Sauber and Williams are being investigated for alleged irregularites with the cars' fuel. Williams's Nico Rosberg was fourth in the race, followed by BMW Sauber's Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld.

If they are disqualified, Lewis Hamilton would be promoted to fourth, giving him enough points to displace Raikkonen as world champion. So we might be waking up to good news tomorrow morning. YAY !!

 EDIT :  09:15 (22-10-07)

They met for six hours and then decided to do nothing. Spineless. Mclaren is going to appeal, but I doubt it will make a difference. The next race is in 22 weeks. GAME ON !!


  1. What bugs me is that at a time when rugby is becoming less and less like real rugby, the referee's should, if in doubt, go with the attacking side, to encourage try scoring! How pathetic! Grrr!

    I guess we'll see what happens with Lewis - he's had such bad luck!

  2. I have been an Alonso fan since Renault...whats the beef bro..

  3. ahhh yes the truly painful weekend I see..I must admit the F1 has been disappointing with the whole spy row and the way that Alonso in particular has conducted himself-disappointing but shows how much these guys compete and want it...but I must admit am chuffed and really pleased that Kimi has won..the man deserves a world title - especially after the number of times he was denied victory while racing for Mclaren due to faulty engine trouble or gearbox problems last year...really really sad times then..but what a great victory for him now!The Iceman cometh!..

    .Hamilton will be world champ that am sure of that...he will just have to wait till next year..

    As for rugby-well done to the Springboks...gallant effort by the English-

    Hope the family r all good bro..will ring you soon:-)

  4. Pete: If that try had not been disallowed, it would have been a totally different game.

    Omodudu: Alosno has not conducted himself well this season. The way he has moaned and bitched about how he should be the team's number one driver is like a teenage girl who has just been dumped by a boy for the first time. And threatening his boss was not a good idea.

    sspadic: Yes, I'm sure Hamilton will win it one day. I just wish one day were today.

  5. It is a weekend of losses, the whole thing really compounded my weekend. The defeat of Federer, the loss of Barcelona and Real Madrid, the loss of Golden Eaglet world cup coach - Yemi tella. This is too much loss for the weekend. The only consolation is that my team Arsenal won their weekend match and still top the league. What a weekend!

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  6. Just to clarify... Hamilton did get 2 points for finishing 7th. He need 2 more to be champ because Kimi had won more races and would have had the tie breaker... But well done to him. He's only 22 so the future is bright... Kimi is actually my favorite driver, but I was rooting for Hamilton because I honestly thought that Kimi couldn't do it... funnily, I actually feel a little disappointed that he won...

    Alonso on the other hand needs to go drive in NASCAR so that we never hear about him again. He really has been acting like a little girl and I hope he ends up driving for Spyker or someone else with a 'not so fast' car! Granted, the guy's got talent, but I agree with my brother, he's acting like a teenage girl...

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