My near death experience…….

Last week, I came face to face with my mortality in a very strange way. I suddenly felt very mortal, very vulnerable, very hopeless as my life flashed before my eyes. I haven't spoken about this to anyone, not even my wife. It's been running round my mind for days now, so I've decided to bare my old here.

No, I wasn't hit by a car, or something like that. I was denied life insurance on 'health grounds'.

You see, in two weeks time I'll be 30 years old. And for the last few months, I've been starting to feel old, starting to realize that I wasn't going to be a millionaire before my 30th birthday after all (There's still a few days though!), I won't rule the world when I'm 40....and so on and so forth. With all this weighing on my mind, the life insurance thing hit me right in the gut.

The insurance company didn't give any information other that it was on health grounds. Now just think about it. They are so sure I'm going to die, that they have decided that I'm not worth the risk of a few quid a month to insure.

I'm going to die..........yes, I know I will one day. But these guys must of thought I will die pretty soon. So I decided to look at the possible reasons. This is the information the insurance company had.

  1. I'm very overweight

  2. My dad had a stroke before he was 50

  3. My grandad (father's side) died of a stroke at 52

  4. My grandad (mother's side) has diabetes

The stuff they didn't know was :

  1. My uncle (Dad's brother) has high cholesterol

  2. My grandmother (Mum's mum) has high blood pressure (hypertension)

All of a sudden, the fragility of my DNA was staring at me in the face. My genes are all messed up. I'm a walking time bomb. I remembered last year, when I tried to join the gym at work last year, I was turned down because my blood pressure was too high. They said I should get a note from my doctor before I can join. I brushed it off, never went to see the doctor.

I thought about my wife and daughter. What would happen to them if anything happens to me? What about all the plans we've made, all our hopes and dreams? Our little family? My heart was breaking into tiny little pieces.

I felt so hopeless, even became ill towards the end of the week with worry.

Over the weekend, I suddenly realized that out of all the stuff on my list, I can't do anything about any of them, except the very first one.

I can loose weight.

So I've started a diet this week. I've slowly come up with a plan.

Use the stairs at work instead of the lift. Take a 30 minute walk 3 times a week. And in a month, go to the gym to try and join again. If my blood pressure is still high, go and see the doctor. It's time I started to look after myself. change my eating habits for good, not just a short term diet.

It's going to be a long hard road, but maybe this is the kick up the backside I need. I'm not getting any younger. I owe it to those who love, and who I would never want to leave behind.


  1. Do the excercise thing, funny thing is you probably do not feel worse off than you were last year. Put your mind in a good place and keep an eye on your habits you will be fine bro. You are fine.

  2. Try God insurance. If those oyibos says they cant do it, I know God can do it. However, heaven help those who help themselves, start with losing weight. Having said this Boso, I hasten to wish you Long Life and Prosperity! Amen.

  3. Boso, Boso, Boso....
    How many times did I call you? You are a great man. (not like udeme the drunkard - do you know the nigerian guiness advert?)
    Do the exercies thing but more importantly put your mind in a good place. It's not hopeless. Your genes ARE NOT MESSED UP.
    Everyone in your family who has a condition has it most likely because of things that were in their control. It wasn't totally unavoidable. Someone else's lot isn't yours - even though they might be your family.
    You've done the right thing and decided to turn things around. Let it start with you - for Baby O and for those to come after you...
    I've felt like that sometimes. There are some trends in my family that I was almost scared to death would befall me. I still pray against them. But I'm hopeful. Because God's on our side. Enjoy your life man. You have very many many many very healthy years to live. We all do. As long as we believe it and claim it. Gotta run now.

  4. Hey Bro,
    No negative thinking yeah? Saved by grace and living in it. God says when your times up, not anything in the past or any external thing, at the end of the day, You're saved by God and He's got your back.
    I do think the exercise plan you've laid out is a good idea, because it's worked out into your lifestyle, which is important instead of following one of these fashionable plans that never really work. And living healthier is always a good idea. (Please never quote this back at me!)
    Try not to worry so much, Boso, trust in God over this - He'll see you aright.

  5. Hey,

    Strolled back here and caught this. I had to leave a comment.

    You've done yourself a lotta good with your self-assessment there. I don't know if it'll work in your case, but I am sure its not a bad idea. Reduce the frequency of your meals, rather than the drinks (there're loads of them in London) - hold a bottle of water and get used to taking lots of it.

    Also, try taking boiled plaintain (spicing it with loads of vegetable soup (efo) for dinner regulary, it's so easy for the night, you wake up feeling strong and rearing to get physically into the day.

    As for the gym, try something not as hard - maybe swimming for a start and the walking bit is commendable. Try bursts of brisk walk in between and you'll notice your sweats even in cold cold oyinboland.

    Last of all, cast your mind of the negatives - you can only do what you can and prepare for the worst, believing it won't happen. You are on the right path already.

    Take it easy bro.

  6. Right stop that right now. Stop looking at all the negative things and straighten up.
    Life does not end at 30. It is not a time to look at everything bad and think that you havent achieved anything.
    I mean look at me. I am 33 (although i dont look it or act it) I am in the first year of my marriage and i am having my first baby. Things are just starting. Only just.
    If i thought "i havent done anything, i might die soon, i wont see my baby grow up" then how depressing is that.
    Ok so you are starting off the best way. By getting healthy. That actually fixes a lot. It will prevent diabetes and lower your colestorol. You will see your daughter grow up and be able to be very active with her.
    Have a great birthday when it is and listen. Look back on all that you have achieved. xxxx GB

  7. Boso,

    The only thing in your list of worries that is genetic is high blood pressure. My mother is a geneticist and had to advise my ex on the said subject as despite his slim frame he had high blood pressure which somehow is linked to your colour. It is perfectly manageable though and nothing to worry about if you look after yourself. I think the step you have identified is very wise and one I should also follow; working in the food industry has meant I eat alot more than I used to but I haven't exercised. Not using the car is a very good start you know. I'm not sure if its linked to your having lived in Lagos but noone other than the very poor seemed to work there and I found it astounding. Yes, its not so safe as here maybe but its still very possible. The Nigerians I know in London refuse to walk on the grounds that it must indicate they're of a lower class and can't afford to go by car - please don't fall into this mentality as its nonsense. As for the whole getting to 30 lark and that being the end of things please take action now in abandoning those thoughts. The devil has well and truly had my brain in his hands with worries along those lines for the last 2 years and has made my life a misery; I decided its time to call a day to his messin' with me and I hope you do too!! You have everything going for you and have been a wonderful friend to me over the last 2 years so start focusing on those things. God's word reminded me that he can turn things on their head in an instant so start living by faith and expecting to make your millions or live to 100 or all your other wonderful dreams and give up that negative thinking :)

    An Old Friend's last blog post..A new name but an old friend

  8. I meant 'walk' not 'work' in Lagos - my typing is getting worse - argh

    An Old Friend's last blog post..A new name but an old friend

  9. Just wanted to say thank you to all you wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, kind people. Your comments have been very encouraging. Don't worry, I'm not in depression or anything like that, it's all good :)

  10. eeyah! Look at all the nice people showing you some luv. My friend, will you get up off your skinny behind and do some exercises!
    :) For real, I'm sure you see now you're loved and appreciated, not just by baby o and your wife.
    That reminds me. You know any negative things I can blog about? Let's see if I can get as many responses as you got.
    Seriously, bite the bullet!