Made in Nigeria

Saw this story yesterday, but it's really gone round today.

A Nigerian undergraduate has reportedly been making helicopters out of old car and bike parts. Imagine my surprise when this story appeared on Slashdot, the tech news Mecca.

With all the bad news about Nigeria that normally goes round, and some so called smart person claiming that black people are not as intelligent as whites, this makes me really proud.

Let's just hope that the exposure this boy has gotten will help him out, although sadly, it would almost definitely mean him leaving the country.


  1. Hm...I read the story early today and I agree with you that the guy made us proud. This just shows what a man can do with determination.

    Emmanuel's last blog post..The journey begins with the first step

  2. That chopper's really cool! There's something kind of charming about the design.

    Scary Rob's last blog post..A Colourful Discourse