The long walk…….

I woke up this morning with a knot in my stomach. I've been dreading today since that letter dropped on the doormat a few weeks ago. Well, the day had finally come, when I would have to betray the trust of someone I loved.

I managed to start the day as normally as possible. We spoke to each other, although I couldn't make a word of what she was saying, my mind was somewhere else. And then I looked up. 10 o'clock. Time to go.

We went downstairs together, and got in the car. It was a short journey, and we were there is almost no time. I went into the waiting room, and was told to wait for our name to be called. All the while, she had no idea what was about to happen, and was darting about the room.

There were several of us, all there for the same reason. Some of us were there for the first time, the look of guilt on our faces gave us away. Some were veterans, hardened by experience. We all sat together waiting, trying to make decent conversation, and looking up every time the board lit up.

It didn't help that they were running late. 1 hour after my scheduled appointment. I finally saw our name on the board.

I got up, picked up my darling daughter, who had no idea what was going on, she was enjoying playing with the other babies. It was a long walk, but we finally got into the nurses room.

After a short talk, I held her down, and the nurse dug the injection into my little girl's leg. She had a look of horror, fortunately, it was the nurse she was looking at, not me, I couldn't take it. And soon it was over. She held on to me for comfort, and started to cry. If only she knew, that all along, I was part of the plan..........

While we completed the paperwork, my little girl was back to her cheerful self. In less than a minute, her wonderful smile was back. She got on the floor, and continued trying to walk, stumbling, and eventually, giving up, and crawling away as fast as I could chase her. My little girl was back !!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I took my little girl for her immunization today for the first time. My wife has done all the previous ones, but I had to do it today. She was pretty good about it though, cried for less than a minute. I think it affected me a lot more than her.......

By the way, her birthday party went really well. She actually had four parties, my mum had a little party at her place, and my dad had one at the family home, both at the same time while we were entertaining guests here. And then she had one in school the next day.

SO much love to spread around !!!!!!


  1. Baby O is truly loved. Please wish her a happy birthday from me. Those jabs are a necessary evil she will just have to bear. Cheers.

  2. I bet it was hard watching her go through it but I bet she forgot it after a few minutes. You di the right thing. She's very lucky to have you as a Dad. I can't believe how time has flown, I remember when she was born....

  3. I can't believe she's had a birthday already!