Marrying a woman with the same name as your mother may seem like a romantic idea. However, the following activities will keep you on your toes:

  1. Sending Emails to either of them
  2. Sending Text Messages to either of them
  3. Calling either of them

One simple lapse of concentration could give your mother several sleepless nights after reading a (romantic) email that was intended for your wife. Or a quick text to your mum could leave your wife wondering why she married a mummy's boy.

My only consolation is that my dad and I are also namesakes, so I'm guessing my wife is being kept on her toes as well.


  1. Hahahaha! Funny! Imagine that! Sending your mum a text meant for your wife that goes Sweetheart...looking fwd to tonite... wear the red lacy number..I'll make you....bla bla bla..that's me being graphic. LOL!

  2. hehe and also ex with the same name as your partner