So long, farewell…..

Auf Wiedersehen, GOODBYE !!!

Check out his best quotes here.


  1. Kind of disappointed hes gone. I liked his press conferences where he'd piss off half the country but I thought most of what he said the rest of the country wished they were in a position to say it.

    It's a shame hes gone because if we win the league now it'll be slightly tainted by the fact we didn't beat Jose to it. What I won't miss is the way he brings luis' goal up before each between us and Chelski.

    They probably wouldn't have been rolled over so easy by united either.

  2. Eeeya....I feel for the chelsea fans, my hubby included... pele dears..I won't miss the arrogant Mourinho one bit! Yeah, we did them in easily yeserday, didn't we?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes on my blog! God bless!