How could you?

As I've been ill this week, I've had sometime to watch football, and it's been a brilliant week for lover's of the beautiful game.

The most impressive story has to be Scotland beating France in Paris, I didn't see that one coming !! And I bet you, the Scots will never let us forget it, Chxta has a very funny 'story' with regards to that match here, that left me in stiches.

But to me, the highlight of the week is centered around Manchester City's Stephen Ireland, who plays for, wait for it, Ireland. Anyway, Stephen Ireland was meant to play for the republic this week, but he pulled out of the squad, saying that his grandmother had died. However, the player soon found himself at the centre of an embarassing mix up.
Ireland was told by FAI officials shortly after Saturday's 2-2 draw in Slovakia that his maternal grandmother, with whom he was particularly close, had died. He was still under that impression when he flew back to Manchester the next morning.

It was not until he arrived back home in Cheshire that Ireland discovered it was in fact his paternal grandmother who had passed away.

In the meantime, the FAI issued a statement which led to the wrong grandmother being named as deceased in the first editions of some newspapers.

Ireland boss Steve Staunton didn't do himself any favours with this statement.

He revealed: "I was up half the night [sorting it out]. It's not on his mother's side, it's on his father's side. We were given the wrong information. It's his grandmother, we send him our best wishes and that's the end of that."

It took you half the night to figure that out? I actually felt sorry for Stephen Ireland and his family, especially his grandmother, who likes to see their obituary in the papers.

Anyway, the truth has now come out. And Stephen Ireland was apparently trying to pull a fast one. Both of his grandmothers are alive, and apparently, he pulled out of the squad to be with his girlfriend who had just had a miscarriage.

He and his girlfriend came up with the lie about his grandmother dying, so he could be released from the squad. How silly are these people though? Did they think that they could do that, and get away with it? I had some harsh words, then remembered that the man is only 21, and at that age, I made some mistakes I'm glad never made it to the press. Anyway, I'll keep my mouth shut, and let Mr. Ireland do the talking:

"When the game in Bratislava ended our manager Stephen Staunton took me outside the dressing room into the corridor, along with the Ireland team doctor.

He told me that they had taken a call from my girlfriend, Jessica, and she said my grandmother had died.

I was deeply shocked because I believed it was my maternal grandmother who had brought me up from when I was five.

The manager went back into the dressing room to get my phone and when I got it I immediately rang my girlfriend to get more details.

My girlfriend was distraught and explained that she had just suffered a miscarriage.

Jessica said she was very lonely and wanted me to come home. She said she thought they might let me home quicker if they thought my grandmother had died.

When I finished the call I told the manager and doctor that my grandmother had died and because we were very close I wanted to go home immediately.

The manager said that was no problem and he would get the FAI to sort it out.

The FAI hired a private jet to get me home and I flew out of Bratislava the following morning. Before I left I told the FAI media officer that the name of my grandmother was Patricia Tallon.

Early on Monday morning I got a phone call from Stephen Staunton telling me that the FAI had discovered my grandmother in Cork was not dead.

He wanted to know what was going on and I told him that there had been a mistake and it had been my father's mother. I told him her name was Brenda Kitchener, that she lived in London.

Jessica and I were still very upset over the miscarriage so we flew home to Ireland for a few days.

On Thursday, I got a phone call from Manchester City stating that the FAI had discovered that my grandmother, Brenda Kitchener, was also alive.

I decided at that stage that I must tell truth and admit I had told lies. "

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  1. The guy used a fake death to try and get out of a contract?
    Why did he not just say that there had been a miscarriage? Aren't most irish catholics? And aren't most catholics of the impression that an abortion is murder because the child within a mother is a living being? Then, wouldn't they have been sympathetic to the loss of his "child"?
    Then again, after watching religiously Footballers Wives and seeing just how dispensable players are and the high monetary stakes game it is, possibly not.