Wow, it seems like it's been forever since my last post. And since then, life has been moving fast, really fast, like living every minute at 100 miles an hour. So many things have happened, most of them good, and I'm sure I'll blog about them as things start to get finalized.

Anyway, Baby O can now say her name !! It's really sweet to hear, and she loves saying it, over and over again. Melts my heart every time.

I took my speed awareness course about 2 weeks ago, and I have to say it was nothing like I expected. In fact, I would like to say, it has made me a safer driver. I was the youngest person there, and it was mostly middle aged, middle class people, who just wanted to get in and out of there as quickly as possible. Anyway, let's hope I don't get caught by any speed cameras again anytime soon....................

I've also taken my 'Life in the UK' test. This is the test you take before you can apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK, or British Citizenship. So let me share some interesting facts I've learnt from studying for the test:

  1. One third of all adults in the UK have used hard drugs (heroin, cocaine) at least once in their lives. Even worse, HALF of all young adults (under 19) have used drugs.

  2. Employment law in this country is pretty tight. The only way you can be dismissed immediately from your job is for 'gross misconduct'. For poor performance, or consistent lateness, you must first be issued with a warning, before you are given notice to leave your job. Very unlike Nigeria, where some people are rumoured to fire people for very trivial reasons. I will mention no names (Mike Adenuga).

  3. There is actually a situation where you are allowed to discriminate. If you are hiring someone to work in your home, you are allowed to refuse to give the job to someone based on race, sex, etc.

  4. Guy Fawkes night is actually the celebration of an assassination attempt. Guy Fawkes was trying to kill the King, and the entire parliament at the state opening of parliament. Only the English would have a sense of humour to celebrate such an event.

Anyway, I'll try and blog a bit more often, take care people !!


  1. Yay for Baby O! Care to finish #3?

  2. Ooops !! Thanks for spotting that Nikki !

  3. Aw, how sweet! Glad to hear Baby O is starting to talk!

    Sadly, having been to school here #1 doesn't surprise me, although by Uni I don't think it was as common. #2 is very good, and I agree with #3 as how else can I make sure that I do actually get a French Maid when I want one? ;) #4 is funny, I love trying to explain it to Americans!

  4. WHOA!! Congrats Baby o!!
    Thanks for the info...LOl at Mr Adenuga...Nigerian's can hire and fire as they like which is very sad..

  5. hello from beyond the two oceans...hehe interesting facts n i did know the last one and oh yes the English just waiting for an excuse to drink n be merry..tho usually nothing wrong with that I suppose.:-) great to hear Baby O is growing up n fast!hehe soon she will be demanding money from you for clothes n such...ahh time does fly..regards to the mrs n baby O bro...and as always great to see Reds win!!YNWA..sppadic over n out

  6. Well, you did mention names :-D

  7. Brother, I love your blog...there has to be a reason have been reading it consistently for 4 years.
    you write in an interesting manner.
    Please blog more often.

  8. YaY for Baby O. I can't wait until mine is able to do that:)

    Here via Azuka's.

  9. Congratulations for passing the Test.
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    This is meant to help people passing the test. So your comments will be appreciated.

  10. How can they have not just given you automatic citizenship for supporting the greatest football team in the world, ever?

    As far as I'm concerned, you're an honorary scouser...