My brother’s road trip


(Click on the pic for a larger map)

And once upon a time, I used to think that driving to Offa from Lagos (4 hour trip) was a long journey !!


I'll really, really, really, really love to do one of these trips sometime in the not too distant future. It took him about 6 days in total, with a sleepover at every stop.


  1. Good Lord!! That was some trip!! I guess he wanted to get to see the rest of the country cos some people like me especially, would have just cargoed my belongings to the new location and taken a flight. Hope he enjoyed his trip. Thank God he got to his destination safely.

  2. Calabar Gal, He wanted to take his car, that what why he drove. If he took a flight, he'd either have to buy a new car in Seattle, or pay a lot of money to ship his car there.