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Thank God it's Friday.......


18 stone of idiot…..

Johnny Vegas is the funniest man alive, as far as I'm concerned. In every interview I've seen of him, he's completely taken over the conversation, he makes you laugh till your sides hurt, as long as you can understand what he's saying !!

I found this video of him doing an interview with Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, and thought I should share. Enjoy !!!

[youtube ZIqq_vTwUeU]


News bites

That should be bite news actually.

Baby O BIT another girl in day care this morning, on the knee. My little princess is teething, and I guess the soft knee was too difficult to resist. It was pretty serious, and left a large, purple mark on the other baby.

I had to fill out an accident report, and so did the other girl's dad. Baby O is particularly fond of this other girl though, she regularly climbs on top of her !!

Anyway, let's hope this doesn't repeat itself. Who knew that 4 teeth (yeah, we're up to 4 now) could cause so much trouble !!


User Review: Ubuntu Linux 7.04

[youtube LAr3XbqUbjo]

A few weeks ago, I installed Linux on my 2nd PC at home. While the 'adventure' ended with me reinstalling Windows this weekend, it was a very revealing experience.

OK, I don't want to geek you all out, so check out the review on my other blog.


One, Two, Three…….

3 - Number of teeth Baby O now has

2- Number of times she's fallen off the bed  since this

Chxta reminded me that I hadn't spoken about Baby O in a while, so I decided to do a lil' update.

she's now 8 and a half months old, and while she's not quite crawling yet, she's slithering on the ground with such ease and skill, it's hard to keep up !! Her favourite 'toys' are wires and paper. Yup. That's right. My daughter loves to crumble up paper, and she gravitates to every electrical socket in the house !!

Oh, and she can now pull herself to a standing position. We saw it for the first time this morning, an my wife and I were so excited, the poor girl was wondering what all the fuss was about.

Oh, and at her day care, her favourote past time is sneaking up behind the other babies, and climbing on top of them. Scares the hell out of the other babies !!


Obasanjo’s ‘wisdom’

From today's Punch

“I have always told young Nigerians that they should not make money alone here in Nigeria; that they should spend it here. They asked how they could spend it here and I told them, ‘If you have married one wife, marry another.”
OBJ's answer on how to invest money in the country, has this man heard about family planning?

“You see, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan, once called me after I left office to ask what I had been doing since I left office. I just told him that I’ve been learning to become lazy.”
Two retiree's exchange notes

“Lecturers are powerful. If they scold me, I don’t have a choice but to take their scolding. Were you not scolded when you were in school? Did you refuse the scolding? If you had, I don’t think you would have graduated. So, now that I’m back in school, I want to graduate too. So, I won’t take their instructions lightly. I don’t want to fail. When they scold me, I’ll take it like a normal student.”
OBJ enrolls in the National Open University of Nigeria. I want to meet the lecturer with the guts to fail him. Anyway, let's hope he doesn't become to lazy to study !!


My brother’s road trip


(Click on the pic for a larger map)

And once upon a time, I used to think that driving to Offa from Lagos (4 hour trip) was a long journey !!


I'll really, really, really, really love to do one of these trips sometime in the not too distant future. It took him about 6 days in total, with a sleepover at every stop.

Oh Oh………..

"Unfortunately, I still have 7 months left on my warranty, and I wasn't about to void that. I was left with only one option, so I tearfully formatted 100Gb worth of data.

All songs that I've been collecting for 5 years now...
All my documents since 2001...
All my papers...
All my movies (which includes some of the greatest films ever made)...
All my pictures (a lot of which I can never get the hard copies again)...
All my games...
All my projects...

Gone. I'm so sad and I feel like crying"

The immortal words of Chxta.  (Even though he was only joking at the time)

However, this is a scary thought.  One power surge, one flick of the switch, one wrong turn, and whoosh. All gone. In the blink of an eye. I remember in 2004, just before I came to England, my laptop was stolen. I am still felling the effects on that till today, I lost SO MUCH data.

Anyway, when I got here, I got a copy of Norton Ghost, which I used to backup my data to an external USB drive, which was ok, although it meant leaving the PC on at night.

Anyway, now, online backup seems to be the way to go.  Data Deposit box seem to be a good example, easy to setup, easy to use, and it backs up your data when your PC is idle. you also get the added advantage of access to your files from other locations through secure links (Have you ever tried to send a large MP3 file or video), and you can access previous versions of your documents. And for $2 a month, at the current exchange rate, it's not a bad idea at all.

Previously, this kind of service was only offered to businesses but Data Deposit Box and other providers have begun to provide service to individuals at competitive prices.