You must be kidding me….

This is a true story. I haven't even bothered to create fictional names and all that jazz:

Boso: "Hello, I've got a flight booked with your airline, and I'd like to reserve a sky cot for my baby for the flight please"

Agent: "No problem. Can I just confirm the names of the three passengers and their relationship to you please"

Boso: "Sure. There's me, Boso, my wife, Mrs. Boso and Baby O, our 7 month old daughter."

Agent: "OK, can I confirm with you that your daughter will not be over the age of two at any time during your trip"

Boso: "No she won't"

Agent: "And which one of you will be requiring a cot?"

Insert insult here.................................................................


  1. There are a lot of things I would have told that agent...

  2. Q- And which one of you will be requiring a cot?
    Ans- That will be you dumbass!!!
    Sheesh! Enough said...well bro hope you are having a good day..HUGE game tonight...YNWA my RED brother...lets keep fingers crossed and hope we can go through to final

  3. Blame it on standard questions on computer booking systems absolving the agent from using her brain.

    The designer of that booking system also needs a cot, thankfully, I did not have to handle that kind of question.

  4. Thats what you get for paying workers minimum wage, low morale. Obviously the agent was not prepared to think. You could have as well be speaking to one of those computerized reps. What do you call those things. Electronic reps, hmmm or Digital answerer.

  5. I would have laughed so hard and wished her a nice day then hanged up.

    Hey, the cost of the call is worth a laugh!