Don’t let your heads drop….

"Don't let your heads drop. All the players who go on the pitch after half-time have to keep their heads held high. We are Liverpool. You are playing for Liverpool. Do not forget that. You have to hold your heads high for the supporters. You have to do it for them. You cannot call yourselves Liverpool players if you have your heads down. If we create a few chances we have the possibility of getting back into this. Believe you can do it and you will. Give yourself the chance to be heroes."
(Rafa Benitez – Half time. Ataturk Stadium. Istanbul. 25th May 2005)


  1. well guess I didnt need to send you that last email about the youtube link then!:-) hehe i see European cup fever has gripped you entirely...YNWA indeed my red brother...fingers crossed for number 6!

  2. Good luck! *crosses eys*
    *waves at sppadic*
    Hope you are well Boso! x

  3. What a devastating loss...I guess we all feel to a smaller degree how Milan felt after Istanbul...only a very small degree coz atleast we didnt throw away a 3-0 lead!It was destiny I suppose or so I console myself..but I just hope that we can win the Premiership next season and rub it into Fergie's face....come on REDS..let the glory ride begin from next season..YNWA always

  4. Well, I suppose we can't have it every year. Roll on 2008.