Ambulance for Mr. Mourinho……


Jose Mourinho has FINALLY been diagnosed with mental illness. Last night, it was clear to the whole world that he is suffering from DELUSION.


These are excerpts from various interviews last night.

"We were the best team today, even against a team only playing for the Champions League. In extra-time we were the only team who tried to win, but football is like that and the penalty shoot-out is part of the game."

"Chelsea tried to win it in 90 minutes. Chelsea tried to win it in extra time. The best team was the team in blue,"

"It did not affect us, we were the team in blue always trying to win. They had a short period in the first half in control, but after that I felt it was always Chelsea in control and trying to win the game. For 90 minutes, extra-time, we always tried to win. Free-kicks, we had every strong player into the box, we showed we wanted to win the game so we had no problems with the atmosphere. "

Say what??

OK let's look at this scientifically...

Shots on target - Liverpool 5 €h£L$¥ 3
Shots off target - Liverpool 7 €h£L$¥ 6
Blocked shots - Liverpool 4 €h£L$¥ 3

Looks to me that Liverpool tried to score a few more times than your boys sir. So cut the crap about being the better team, or being the only team that wanted to win it.

And if statistics is not your cup of tea, let's look at the two keepers and how many saves they made.

In the first half, Pepe Reina made a fine save from Didier Drogba and for the rest of the game endured the odd skirmish around the six-yard area. Petr Cech was beaten by Daniel Agger's first-half strike, saved brilliantly from Peter Crouch and watched Dirk Kuyt's header hit a post. Kuyt also saw a goal ruled out by a marginal offside and brought a fine save from Cech in the final seconds after he was played in by Robbie Fowler.

So for once in your miserable life, accept defeat gracefully and move on.

€h£L$¥ - All that money, all those players, and yet they've got all the charm of a cockroach. On the 23rd of May, you guys can watch the match on TV, watch the MIGHTY REDS lift that trophy for a sixth time.


  1. I couldnt agree more bro..god this man doesnt know how to accept defeat!Hes like a silly brat of a kid who always thinks and does things his way...I mean to make those comments after the game just shows him in poor light...add to that all the comments made during the last two weeks..I reckon he should just focus on his job and stop talking for a while..But Rafa and the Reds did the talking on the pitch and thats all that matters..
    Oh and Jose - the ball crossed the line legally and fairly 6 times-even the one that should have been given but wasnt due to offside - all by the REDS!! YNWA

  2. Long time no read Boso, I've found you now ;)

  3. He is sure deluded, and doesnt know when to stop running his mouth, same vice that earn his team hatred across the globe.

  4. Hey Boso, hows things?
    Have you seen the piss-take of Mourinho on Harry & Paul's Ruddy Hell? So funny :)
    Just been catching up on your previous posts. Glad baby O didn't come to any harm. Don't feel guilty, babies will wander, no matter how carefully you watch them xxx

  5. LOL............... I'm busy sobering up as Man U lost to Ac Milan yesterday...anything for a few laffs....

  6. All I can say is, if Chelsea lost when they were the in-control team playing to win - then the mighty Reds can have a lazy time and still kick overpriced blue arse. I think the man has just condemned his team with his words.