One night in May

My MP3 player gave up the ghost a few weeks ago. The battery just went dead, and it refused to come back on. Fortunately, I got an extended warranty with it, so I arranged for Currys to get it, and while I was over in the US, it was returned. Not only had they fixed the battery, but they had replaced the screen, which was smashed up, and had been held together with several layers of sellotape.

So now, the MP3 looks almost as good as it was when it was new, and I have to admit, that it's a lot more useable with the new screen.

However, that broken screen stood for something. Everytime people saw it, and asked how it happened, I would never tire of repeating the story. And whenever my luck was down, looking at that screen gave me hope that things could turn around for the better at any time, all you need is a bit of hope, and you must never give up.

So how can a broken screen on an MP3 player relay such a message.

Well, the screen broke on May 25th 2005.

Bring back any memories?

It was Liverpool vs. AC Milan in the Champions League final. AC Milan had just scored their third goal. I was so upset, I threw my mobile phone to the bed, and heard it hit something. It had hit the MP3 player, and smashed the screen. I got even more angry, as the player was only a few months old. I put the player aside, I was not in the mood to try and fix it.

The rest of the night is almost a blur. Liverpool came back from the dead, and in seven minutes of madness equalised in the second half, and went on to win on penalties. I was jumping for joy, I had people on the phone from Nigeria, Liverpool and London, I was on cloud nine. At the end of the night, I took a look at my MP3 player. Well, if Liverpool could salvage that match from the dead, I could salvage that screen. So I got a roll of sellotape, put all the pieces I could find together, and put on enough tape to hold them in place. It wasn't pretty, but it was useable. That screen became a symbol of pride for me.

Anyway, thanks to Curry's aftercare people (who I have to say did I remarkable job!), I've lost that relic to that night in May 2005.

But things might happen that way all over again, we're playing Chlesea in the semi final just like in 2005, and AC Milan have a chance to get to the final, just like in 2005. Mmmmm, I wonder what I'll break this time........


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  2. *hiss* i thought u were gonna say the player saved you from a bullet.

  3. Oh! Top blog! I love that story, and I loved that game, but most of all, I love that I'm not the only one to lose my temper and break things! ;)

  4. Hey Boso, hope the wife and baby are doing well1!!Happy Wekkend

  5. hey bro...ahh how can i forget that famous and great night and the day after when i rang along with the European cup parading bus from anfield to liverpool city centre...that match meant a lot to me too..giving me hope to go on during a difficult time and i hope as i look forward to a tricky few months ..the mighty reds can once again give us hope and walk all the way to the trophy in athens..Oh as for history repeating itself...Chelsea won the carling cup back then after beating us after we had scored the first goal..and again this year Arsenal scored first but Chelsea eventually won the Cup...hmm deja vu anyone!!??I hope this time mourinho cannot have any cause for complaint as if he had one in the first place...Come on ye mighty REDS...YNWA
    On a side note ..Man U were outstanding...they look to be team to beat..but hey Liverpool and European cups have a special relationship..long may that continue..shall ring you when i get back on Wednesday:-)

  6. It always struck me as strange how the little things can become so symbolic and significant for us. Given that the screen repair was something they probably weren't obliged to do (it had gone in for a mere battery replacement, after all) maybe the new screen is the ultimate symbol of renewal...

  7. thankds for sharing this. am very very low at this point,,, immigration issues if you understand me. Anywas how are you, I moved into your old 'digs' i now live in manor park couple of stops from Stratford, Leyton and Leytonstone. Hope all is well with you.. And your girls! Will you be at Gbenga's wedding on Sat. Sorry for all this detail, too weak mentally and otherwise to open an email thingy.... thanks for blogging properly once again... a good look at the old days of 2004, 2005 reveals high quality juice on life... man. Back to the begining, thanks for the post, its particularly welcome from you given you ve been a huge source of inspiration and support since moving out here in 2004! One up for you, bro!

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