Is there life on Mars ??

So what were you watching on TV last night? Man U's 7-1 mauling of Roma? Or Chelsea's miraculous win at Valencia?

Thanks to the wonders of my Sky+ box, I was able to watch the football, and then sink my teeth into what was probably the most anticipated TV show of the year so far.

Life on Mars has been a cult hit. I've been watching it from the very beginning, and last night was the final episode. So, me and 8 million people sat down to see how it all ended.

The story is about a policeman who has an accident and then wakes up in 1973. The question is, is he mad, in a coma back in 2006 or has he actually traveled in time? Anyway, as a policeman back in the seventies, he has to face MAJOR culture clashes, and use his 'modern' policing techniques back in the day.

The show has been a major hit, and the first series won an International Emmy. This morning, series two received three nominations for the Bafta television awards, including best drama.

My favourite character has to be the 'politically incorrect' DCI Gene Hunt, and his wonderful one liners. Check out a clip of him in action here.

And if you want to see a slightly longer clip, with him in 'full flow', check out here.

Gene Hunt is going to be the star of the spin off series, it will be set in London and called Ashes to Ashes. He will be joined by a woman from the 21st century, who has an accident, and finds herself stuck in the past, just like Sam.

I hope the spin off will be a success, however, I'd prefer to remember Gene Hunt from the last words on Life on Mars.

Sam: "You shouldn't be driving"

Gene: "But I am"

Sam: "You were shot"

Gene: "And you will be in a minute if you don't get into this car now"

Internet message boards are still full of speculation about whether Sam Tyler was mad, in a coma or back in time.

All I can say is that the show was compelling viewing, and I can't wait for another original idea like this !! Will probably do a post on my current favourite TV shows one of these days.


  1. I have read all the hype about Life on Mars but havent really bothered to sit down and watch it. It clashes with other favourite programmes of mine on the 9pm slot. Ihear its been nominated for several TV Awards lately. Maybe there'll be a dvd release for the likes of us huh?

  2. The DVD for the 1st series is already in the shopes. I'm sure they'll be one for the second series soon.

    Oh, and congratulations, you have just submitted the 1000th comment on my blog !!!!!!

  3. I unfortunately had to see Man Utd, which was a truly painful experience.

    Congrats to the Nigerian Daily Sun on reporting British corruption.

  4. I'm the 1000th?!?! Whatz my prize? LOL!!

  5. Pete: I had no idea ! That's our local tabloid paper, notice how all their research was done on www.metro.co.uk and Wikipedia, lol.

    Calabar Gal: Mmm, I don't know. Noticed the comment count was at 999 last night, and was wondering who would be 1000th. Isn't congratulations enough for you?

  6. I've never seen Life on Mars, is tha the show starring John Simms? Because I love him, so if it is I might have to hunt it down. I wonder if it is on BBC America???

  7. Yup, John Simms is the lead actor. The first series was shown on BBC America, but it looks like they haven't aired the second series yet.

  8. I shall get myself off to Amazon.com because it is my firm belief that I should own all things involving John Simms!