Happy Easter ya’ll

Hey, my blogging has been very hap hazard to say the least for the last few weeks. I've just been so occupied with other stuff, I haven't had time blog properly.

Baby O and I  are now fine, however, my wife has now become the latest victim of the 'stomach bug'. She's getting better now though.

Also, I may not have mentioned it, but she's back to work now !! Luckily, she got a job near the house, so we all leave together in the morning, and all come home together, which is really cool. The day care had an easter bonet parade, Baby O looked angelic in her hat.  We're really beginning to find our feet as a family, which is cool.

Anyway, today has been a long day, we were out for about 12 hours. Looking forward to two days of rest and relaxation.



  1. Hope Mrs B is better now. Have a lovely weekend and Easter. Cheers!!!

  2. A happy easter to you too. I hope Mrs gets better...

  3. Hey bro...a big hello from this neck of the woods..Happy Easter to you and the family too bro!:-) Hope the mrs is recovering well..I was pleasantly surprised to switch on my mobile here and see your wonderful text at the top giving the great news of the United slip-up which i see has continued in my absence...wonderful Easter isnt it..:-) Hey shall pass on your regards to Immanuel-getting married on 16th..saw him yesterday hes leaving for India tomorrow...not in the best of moods after last night tho:-) Hope alls well..shall call you when i get back..

  4. Happy Easter to you and the entire fam.