And we’re back….

After a week of turmoil, this blog is back online. Several draft posts have been lost during the intermittent uptimes and downtimes. I had posts about my wife's birthday, football, Nigerian elections, the Virginia Tech shootings, but they all seem so out of date now.

Anyway, I'll blog more regularly this week. I've got a wedding to go to today, so I have to get ready.

So have a great weekend everyone !!!


  1. hey bro..well it was horrible what happened in virginia tech.and still gun laws are not being discussed or changed..I think thats the really scary and unbelievable bit of the whole tragedy..as for abby's birthday..belated wishes to her bro!
    Footie is gonna be on top of a few discussion lists starting next week and lets hope that we come out on top over the two legs and all the way to another cup triumph..fingers crossed!!Oh and just thought should let you know..so far 1-1 at Old Trafford between Man U and Middlesborough...bet the Chelski are loving this...am sure you like me couldnt be bothered either way about title :-)

  2. tell mrs sowande we said happy birthday... albeit belated...