Confession time

OK, so where do I start.

Last Thursday, my wife and I were getting ready to go to work. Baby O was all dressed up and ready to go, so we put in in the centre of the bed. My wife went out of the room, and I was putting on my shoes. baby O must have rolling around as usual, but I had my back to her, so I couldn't see her. Then it happened.
I heard a loud thump, as my baby girl hit the wood panelled floor.

My heart immediately broke into a million pieces. I screamed, and then turned around, to see my baby on the floor. She was screaming her lungs out. I carried her, and managed to calm her down. We did a quick check, and there were no obvious signs of injury. I took her to day care, but I couldn't concentrate at work. I kept hearing the sound of her hitting the ground. Over and over again. I couldn't take it anymore, I ran downstairs to check if she was fine. She was. In fact, she'd mastered a new skill, she started to drag herself along the floor to reach anything of interest, which was reassuring. I checked on her twice more that day, I'm sure the day care staff were wondering what was going on !!Anyway, we thought the worst was behind us.

Thursday night, we put Baby O to bed, and after a while, she did an almighty vomit. Picked her up, cleaned her up, and she proceeded to vomit on the bed. Friday I worked from home, so I could look after her. She seemed fine all day. She started being sick again at night. Saturday was pretty bad, first, she threw up all over me at a wedding, then again in the car park. During a conversation with a friend who happens to be a paediatrician, I was made aware of the fact that there was a link between head injury and vomiting.

Oh dear God. What had I done to my baby girl? Had I damaged her for life? I was a mess. I spoke to my mum that night, who's also a doctor, and she said the same thing about the vomiting. Also, Baby O was sleeping a lot more than usual. I couldn't sleep. I woke my wife up and told her. We woke up Baby O who had been asleep for hours. We tried hard to feed her, she couldn't hold down any milk, but managed to take some baby rice. I was mortified. I felt useless. All I had to do was look after this little girl, and I'd let her down.

So Sunday, I called NHS Direct. The nurse said that it sounded like she had a stomach bug, but in case of a head injury we needed to see a doctor. So I went to see the Out of Hours GP. The out of hours GP said that she looked fine, but to be safe, we needed to see a paediatrician. So it was off to the hospital. The paediatrician said that she looked ok, but wanted to her the opinion of the registrar (sense a pattern?)

The registrar was a real stand-up guy. He explained that in today's world where a lawsuit was more common that the cold virus, it was common practice to pass the buck. So he gave it to me straight. Baby O was as active as ever, pulling everything she could, dragging herself on any surface she was put on, fighting off the doctors, she was as healthy as any seven month baby could be. But he pointed out there was a small chance that she may have a small bleed in her brain. He asked me to watch her carefully over the next 2 days. Any signs of increased drowsinesses or bile-like vomit, I should call them starightaway.The one missing symptom was diarrhoea. He said that if we saw any diarrhoea, then we should be happy, because it meant she had stomach flu.
So, he was letting us go, but he wasn't telling us everything was OK.

We got home. After all the activity at the hospital, she started sleeping again. As in all in the time. I was scared out of my wits. Fortunately, in a few hours, we confirmed that she had diarrhoea. So it looks like we have a stomach virus after all.

We're still not out of the woods yet, she's not eating properly, and she's weak from it. She's tired, and not as active, or happy as usual. But she's getting better.

I still feel terrible for letting her fall. But a quick search on the web made me realise it's not that uncommon, and more often than not, the kids always end up being ok in the end. Her drowsiness may be a symptom of something more serious, but I'm trusting God that she's ok.

I'm writing this post on Monday, but won't publish it till she starts again at day care, just to make sure she's ok.

BREAKING NEWS: An epidemic in the day care. I just got the email. Symptoms are :

1. Listlessness
2. Vomiting
3. Diarrhoea

I have never been so relieved in my entire life !! At least we know:

a. Where she got it from
b. That the behaviour isn't related to the fall !!
c. She will get better !!!


Twitter-rific !!!

So, have you heard about twitter? It's the latest thing on the web, and it's super addictive. A friend introduced me to it a few weeks ago, and now I'm hooked. If you look to the left, you can see my twitter status.

Basically, twitter is like a micro blog. You can update your twitter page, but the updates must be less than 140 characters, kinda like a text message. And if you have twitter friends, you get alerted when one of your friends updates.

You can update twitter using an IM client (Google Talk or AOL), sending an SMS using your mobile, or on the web page itself. There are also several 3rd party twitter clients.

Anyway, it appears I'm talking too much geek talk. Try it out for yourself. There is a newbie's guide here. And don't forget to add me as a friend !!


Test of faith

......or maybe just a warning?

Today, during a friend's wedding. As the bride and groom were reading the vows.

Priest: Are you ready to accept children lovingly from God and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church.

Groom: I am..... 

Baby O then proceeded to throw up all over me. BAH !

And we’re back….

After a week of turmoil, this blog is back online. Several draft posts have been lost during the intermittent uptimes and downtimes. I had posts about my wife's birthday, football, Nigerian elections, the Virginia Tech shootings, but they all seem so out of date now.

Anyway, I'll blog more regularly this week. I've got a wedding to go to today, so I have to get ready.

So have a great weekend everyone !!!


One night in May

My MP3 player gave up the ghost a few weeks ago. The battery just went dead, and it refused to come back on. Fortunately, I got an extended warranty with it, so I arranged for Currys to get it, and while I was over in the US, it was returned. Not only had they fixed the battery, but they had replaced the screen, which was smashed up, and had been held together with several layers of sellotape.

So now, the MP3 looks almost as good as it was when it was new, and I have to admit, that it's a lot more useable with the new screen.

However, that broken screen stood for something. Everytime people saw it, and asked how it happened, I would never tire of repeating the story. And whenever my luck was down, looking at that screen gave me hope that things could turn around for the better at any time, all you need is a bit of hope, and you must never give up.

So how can a broken screen on an MP3 player relay such a message.

Well, the screen broke on May 25th 2005.

Bring back any memories?

It was Liverpool vs. AC Milan in the Champions League final. AC Milan had just scored their third goal. I was so upset, I threw my mobile phone to the bed, and heard it hit something. It had hit the MP3 player, and smashed the screen. I got even more angry, as the player was only a few months old. I put the player aside, I was not in the mood to try and fix it.

The rest of the night is almost a blur. Liverpool came back from the dead, and in seven minutes of madness equalised in the second half, and went on to win on penalties. I was jumping for joy, I had people on the phone from Nigeria, Liverpool and London, I was on cloud nine. At the end of the night, I took a look at my MP3 player. Well, if Liverpool could salvage that match from the dead, I could salvage that screen. So I got a roll of sellotape, put all the pieces I could find together, and put on enough tape to hold them in place. It wasn't pretty, but it was useable. That screen became a symbol of pride for me.

Anyway, thanks to Curry's aftercare people (who I have to say did I remarkable job!), I've lost that relic to that night in May 2005.

But things might happen that way all over again, we're playing Chlesea in the semi final just like in 2005, and AC Milan have a chance to get to the final, just like in 2005. Mmmmm, I wonder what I'll break this time........


Is there life on Mars ??

So what were you watching on TV last night? Man U's 7-1 mauling of Roma? Or Chelsea's miraculous win at Valencia?

Thanks to the wonders of my Sky+ box, I was able to watch the football, and then sink my teeth into what was probably the most anticipated TV show of the year so far.

Life on Mars has been a cult hit. I've been watching it from the very beginning, and last night was the final episode. So, me and 8 million people sat down to see how it all ended.

The story is about a policeman who has an accident and then wakes up in 1973. The question is, is he mad, in a coma back in 2006 or has he actually traveled in time? Anyway, as a policeman back in the seventies, he has to face MAJOR culture clashes, and use his 'modern' policing techniques back in the day.

The show has been a major hit, and the first series won an International Emmy. This morning, series two received three nominations for the Bafta television awards, including best drama.

My favourite character has to be the 'politically incorrect' DCI Gene Hunt, and his wonderful one liners. Check out a clip of him in action here.

And if you want to see a slightly longer clip, with him in 'full flow', check out here.

Gene Hunt is going to be the star of the spin off series, it will be set in London and called Ashes to Ashes. He will be joined by a woman from the 21st century, who has an accident, and finds herself stuck in the past, just like Sam.

I hope the spin off will be a success, however, I'd prefer to remember Gene Hunt from the last words on Life on Mars.

Sam: "You shouldn't be driving"

Gene: "But I am"

Sam: "You were shot"

Gene: "And you will be in a minute if you don't get into this car now"

Internet message boards are still full of speculation about whether Sam Tyler was mad, in a coma or back in time.

All I can say is that the show was compelling viewing, and I can't wait for another original idea like this !! Will probably do a post on my current favourite TV shows one of these days.


Happy Easter ya’ll

Hey, my blogging has been very hap hazard to say the least for the last few weeks. I've just been so occupied with other stuff, I haven't had time blog properly.

Baby O and I  are now fine, however, my wife has now become the latest victim of the 'stomach bug'. She's getting better now though.

Also, I may not have mentioned it, but she's back to work now !! Luckily, she got a job near the house, so we all leave together in the morning, and all come home together, which is really cool. The day care had an easter bonet parade, Baby O looked angelic in her hat.  We're really beginning to find our feet as a family, which is cool.

Anyway, today has been a long day, we were out for about 12 hours. Looking forward to two days of rest and relaxation.



Videos you have to see

OK, so there are 6 Rocky movies. But instead of watching them all, just check out this brilliant summary  :


Then, the unofficial Google song here :


2 down….

Baby O and I are both out of commission with a stomach bug.