Tony Blair does funny

While I was away, I was unfortunate enough to miss Comic Relief's Red Nose day. So imagine my surprise when I was told that Lauren, who I have lavished praise on in the past, made an appearance, with none other than Tony Blair !!

If you're not familiar with Lauren, or Catherine Tate (where have you been?) then you may want to watch the videos in my previous post. Anyway, check out the Prime Minister in action !!!


I happen to think My Blair can take up acting when he steps down as PM !! Very well done !

Thanks to Chxta for finding this brilliant video !!


  1. Class!!

    Pure Class!!! LOL!!!

  2. politicians acting is always tricky ..but think Mr Blair s got a future hehe hell hes managed to do a great job so far in office so acting should be a walk in the park for him..good video..:-)

  3. Lmao! I always thought the Brits had a great sense o' humour... nice one mate!