No way, Jose

Mr Mourinho,

 For God's sake. When you started your infantile taunting of Arsene Wenger before the Carling Cup final, we all dismissed it as 'mind games' which you managers seem to enjoy playing with each other. So you spoke, he responded, and you spoke again. You told him how you were better than him because you managed to win the Champions League with Porto. You told us all how you were the special one, and one of the top managers in the world. All of which can be reduced to a childish "ner-ner-ner-ner-ner-ner".

So, at the end of the match, in which Arsenal's kids played better, but you only just managed to win, you should do the Honourable thing, shake hands, and let it all be over. Especially after the brawl that happened at the end of the match. But no. You decided to rub salt in Mr. Wenger's wounds.

'Since I arrived at Chelsea, they [Arsenal] lost Premierships, they lost the Charity Shield to us, they lost the Carling Cup to us. I don't think they are winning a lot.

'Absolutely brilliant young boys, manager top, team with a great future. But they didn't win.'

Oh come on !! They played very well, and you were lucky to beat them. But isn't this going to far? Hasn't anyone ever told you not to kick a man when he's down? You won the game, fair play to you, can we please move on to the next game?

But you didn't stop there. Oh  no. Your verbal diarrhoea was in full flow. You decided to turn your attention to the master of mind games, Mr. Alex Ferguson. Apparently, they were 'lucky' to beat Fulham last week. Wow. Just like you were lucky to beat Arsenal on Sunday. So what's the difference? But no, you had more to say, didn't you :

"But this is a season in which United have had no injuries and every player has been fine to play"

Mmm, just like your two seasons when you won the league then. You went on to talk about their Lille match, and how a goal was disallowed, and how Giggs scored 'that goal'. How Ronaldo 'went down' against Tottenham (Drogba anyone?).

I can't believe all this is coming out of your mouth, you, who accused Wenger of being a 'voyeur' not too long ago. Who's the voyeur now?

I think Boavista coach Jaime Pacheco has summed it up in the best possible way. He thinks you're sick. No, really. He says you have a mental problem.

I prayed two prayers today. First of all, I asked God to let Manchester United win the league this season. Trust me, as a Liverpool fan, it's one of the hardest things I've ever done. Then, I asked him to make sure Roman Abramovic sacks you at the end of this season. Maybe then, you will learn a little bit about humility.



  1. I do not know much about soccer but last time I checked the aim was to win, innit?
    You changed your theme again.

  2. Yeah, playing around with the theme. I was going to stick with this one, but my wife doesn't like it :(

    There's no problem with winning, but why insult the person you beat afterwards? That's not gentlmanly behaviour, is it?

  3. simply put bro..the difference is this..class and lack of it..chelsea have great stars and trying to create a bit of history for themselves...unfortunately the managers words dont seem to have that effect. Being a liverpool fan am sure you know mourinho is nothing but a cheap imitation of the great Shankly and others of the past era...now Shankly was a colourful character who probably said quite a few things that were harsh about other teams..but always am sure he had respect at the end of the game to shake hands and acknowledge a good game..atleast as far as i am aware ..he never made such comments after a game about the opposition team...he was just too classy for that and only cared about his team...He even once told his players that Johan Cryuff was ordinary prior to liverpool meeting Ajax in the then Champs league..now he wasnt being rude to Cryuff..he was trying to make his players believe..again very big difference...

    Is it me or has football lost his magic. the passion and loyalty of players..these days with all the money i guess it definitely has for the majority of the players at the top Premiership clubs..ofcourse am sure things are different in the lower leagues...but wouldnt it be nice when playing /representing your team means a whole lot more than just your monthly income?? I believe thats whats called pride and passion for a team...very few individuals have that quality sadly and with managers as this is it any wonder...

    Oh before i finish...how the hell can you pray that Man U should win the title?That is probably the most cardinal sin you could do as a LFC fan bro!:-) but i understand what you mean...hey let the best team win..(Man U..sad and horrible as it is to admit it!) and hope the Reds European adventure will continue all the way..fingers crossed!YNWA

  4. Well put, dude, and I agree with you entirely. But do you not think praying for Man U to come top is a touch far?

  5. My views on Moanin-ho are well documented. Excellent article.

  6. Rob and Sppadic: Hey guys, I hate saying it more than anything, but Man U are the only team who can beat Chelsea to the title. Liverpool are too far behind to beat both of them.

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