It’s been a while…..

so I thought I'd do an update on Baby O. Right now, I'm 3000 miles away from here, and I miss my little angel so much. I've got a few pictures of her on the digital camera, and a video, which I've been looking at all the time, wondering if she'll change before I get back. It's such a shame that after spending a week in Milan, I had to leave her for another week and a half. What if she doesn't recognise me when I get back? Anyway, I digress........

 Anyway, she started day care last week. Well, she started a 3 day phase in on wednesday, and started on Monday to be precise. Before I left, we went into the montesorri center together, and she started to play with the toys there, and looked content. The teachers were all excited to see her, and it was refreshing to see people who had worked with kids for so long, and yet were excited to see a new one. Anyway, she's been going back, and according to my wife, she's settled in quite well (apart from throwing up on the person who fed her yesterday).

She's also managed to sit up now, every now and then. While in Milan, my wife noticed that she was sitting up inside the pushchair. She will sit steady for a few seconds, then gets bored, and decides to move, falling over in the process. She can't roll over yet, well, that's not really true, she can, but she doesn't feel inclined to.

Anyway, my little girl is 5 and a half months old now, I can't believe she's grown up so fast !! When I get back, we'll be going to 'work' together, the day care is in my office building. I guess it will be a chance for us to bond, and I'm really looking forward to it.


  1. hey bro..am sure baby O is doing great..err sorry bout her gift being a tad late:-) hope it still fits..ok..hey shes already started to sit up and take notice...kids do grow up pretty quick dont they!.I can imagine you must be excited to be spending more time with her once you get back...hey regards to the mrs as always..be well and chat when you get back bro...

  2. Yay! A Baby O post! I'm sure you must miss her terribly.(and the Mrs. of course) cos I guess she is at a point i her life where shes developing fast. You might get home to find her sitting up, rolling over with another tooth etc...
    Babies are just so precious..... why do they have to grow up again??
    Yea,no clues please. I love the anonymity of blogville!

  3. Baby O will soon be crawling all over the place. I'm sure you're missing her dearly.

  4. Wow, its been a minuite since I last stopped by... looks like BabyO has grown into a woman! Congratulations on the milestone! Iyawo nko? I hope she's okay... Do take care of you and have a safe flight back!


  5. She won't forget you Boso, how could she, you're her daddy. x

  6. Big Jnr Daddy (cos you've got seniors you know! - you can ask my husband :-))) It sure is wonderful to experience the joy of being a parent and watch a baby gradually grow.

    About recognising you or not, don't worry, she mastered your voice since when she was in the womb, and by the time she starts day care in the same office complex as yours, your wife will get jealous! The bond'll be strong!!!

    First time on your site, cool one you've got here. I'll visit more often. Ciao!