Did you hear that?

I said that to myself as I was giving Baby O water to drink. There was a sound as if something solid had hit the cup. Mmmmmmm...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a tooth. You can just see the top of it, nice and white.

Baby O is doing really well, she's eating solids now, mainly vegetables, and we haven't found anything she doesn't like, peas, banana, potato and even BROCOLLI. (Yuck!)

This week has been so busy at work, I worked US hours till Wednesday (2-10pm UK time), and today was MAD busy. Hopefully, things will calm down tomorrow.


  1. Yay, first tooth! I hope there're no pains associated with teething?

  2. So I should start preparing to get her that first big Mac?

  3. I'm sure you're waiting in anticipation for her first words too........ (smile)