Calling all Liverpool fans….

And if you're a genuine lover of the beautiful game, please listen up.

It doens't add up.

Alex Ferguson was given a knighthood in 1999 after winning the Champions League with Manchester United.

However, Liverpool Manager Bob Paisley won the same competition 3 TIMES, and was only ever given an OBE. It doesn't add up, does it?

There is an argument that Ferguson won the treble that year, which was a remarkable achievement in itself. But I don't think any other manager has won the European cup more than Bob Paisley. Plus, in the 9 years he was in charge at Liverpool, he won the league 6 times, and the UEFA cup once.

So, if you're a UK citizen, or living in the UK, please sign this petition for Bob Paisley to be posthumously awarded a knighthood.

We've only got until March the 13th to sign, so do it as soon as possible.


  1. What about Bobby Stokoe too? ;)
    Now there was a legend.

  2. I signed in solidarity...When you walk, thru a storm...

  3. Already done but great of you to post about it bro...its a crime i tell you that Bob Paisley-one of the most successful if not the most successful English manager not been awarded a knighthood...i wont even mention yesterdays game except to say i just hope that one day not too far in the future we can return the favour to United and go on and win the Premiership in their backyard!YNWA..always a fan, and can i just add John Aldo Aldridge said it best about the difference between the two fans...Reina was booed just before kick off by United fans while he was setting up at the Anfield Road End(where away supporters are) while the Kop gave Van Der Saar an ovation and acknowledged him as the opposition goalkeeper..the Kop does that to all opposition goalkeepers...true pride, passion and respect shown on one of the greatest stands in football..YNWA!!!

    Though this season is soon becoming a forgettable one..I hope our European adventure doesn't end abruptly on Tuesday..come on lads..give us something to cheer about...May is still a long way away..and we are looking like finishing 4th....anything higher is a bonus...another season that promised so much..but yielded so little..

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