Back now…

I'm back now, and back at work.

I'm suffering from jetlag big time, I only slept for 3 hours on Friday night (on the flight back), and I have been sleeping at odd times. Last night, after dinner, I feel asleep while trying to watch the Chelski match and talk to my wife at the same time. It is rumoured that I feel asleep mid sentence !! This was about 8pm, and then I woke up at midnight, and couldn't sleep again for another 3 hours !! Hopefully, that should correct my body clock, let's see how today goes.

There were some serious snowstorms in the Washington DC area on Friday, and we were lucky to take off, even though we were delayed for about 2 hours. All flights in and out of New York (where our Global HQ is) where cancelled, and several of my colleagues were stuck there for the weekend.

Anyway, back to work...........


  1. hey there bro..no wonder you werent picking up your phone when I rang unless you really didnt want to speak to me..hey all you had to do is say so!:-) well hope your body is getting back to uk time now..as for snowstorms...hey did you bring the cold weather with you??>its been freezing last couple of days here..was so great last week!...

  2. Ouch, hope the mid match napping has got you back in sync, Boso! Lucky you only missed Chelsea ;)

  3. sppadic: I saw your missed calls at 1am, I figured that you wouldn't be too pleased if I called you then....lol. It's funny, when I got to the US, it was cold, then 2 days later, it was really warm...and then on my last day cold again. Everyone was saying that I brought warm weather, and I was taking it with me !! Sadly, it looks like I brought cold weather to the UK as well :(

    Pete: Yeah. I remember waking up in the middle of the match, and seeing that Chelski were ahead 2-0. Switched off the TV in digust.

    Chxta: Thanks sir.

  4. Welcome Back. I'm so upset about the Chelski Match - We lost.

  5. Glad you made it home safely Boso, it sounds like the trip was worthwhile in any case!