You couldn’t make it up……

All this week, the newspapers were full of stories of how Craig Bellamy got into a fight with John Arne Riise while Liverpool were in a training camp, and attacked the Norwegian with a golf club. According to the press, the entire camp was in turmoil, and goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek had a clash with police. Bellamy was on his way out they said.

Well, the lads responded in the best possible fashion. The European champions of 2006 were beaten AT HOME by the champions of 2005.  When Deco scored in the 14th minute, I thought it was a case of how many. But Criag Bellamy scored one, and then set up Riise for the second, and would you believe, we came out of the Nou Camp with 2 away goals, and a win to boot.

So was it poetic justice that Bellamy and Riise linked up to give Liverpool the much needed win? It was our destiny, says the Welshman.

We still have 90 minutes of football to play at Fotress Anfield, but it's looking good. But don't expect Barcelona to lie down and play dead, they're going to come out fighting, and hopefully Liverpool will be ready.

Mmmm, I remember not to long ago Chxta was talking about how Liverpool didn't stand a chance. Let me quote from his blog :

"......The Cameroonian's return from injury was supposed to spur the team to new heights ahead of their elimination of Liverpool (sorry Boso, but that is a certainty), but instead it has triggered a ruckus...."

So my friend, tell me, how does humble pie taste ?


  1. hehe i saw it coming, fancy spanish clubs like barca against rugged premier clubs dont stand a chance.

    i can see liverpool dumoing them out, tehy'll come all gunz blazing for the second leg

  2. hehe great post there bro..hmm yes yes pls do tell how does humble pie taste Chxta...having said all that though no one who supports LFC will be taking the return leg for granted..not on the performance that I am watching now!