When it’s cold outside…..

Last night, I got home to find that the central heating had finally packed up. It had been giving trouble for a few days, but gave up the ghost yesterday. There are some things you take for granted, especially at this time of year, like hot running water. I drove around at 9pm looking for electric heaters at the 24 hour Tesco, but they'd run out. So, we all put on several layers, especially little Baby O, but it was bitterly cold.

I was scheduled to work from home today, but it was tough. The heater was finally fixed this evening, and believe me, I appreciate the boiler in the loft more than ever now !!

In other news, while I'm on my trip, my wife is going to see her sister in Milan. She's wanted to go there for a while now, and I really wish I could have gone with her and Baby O, but on the other hand, I'm glad that for most of the time I'm away, she won't be on her own.

We have 6 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow morning, and it will still be snowing during rush hour. I only live 10 minutes away from work, but we've all been sent emails asking us to work from home tomorrow if possible, and not to risk getting stuck in the snow. I'll make up my mind tomorrow, but there's a lot of work I need to do in the office, and I'm scheduled to work from home on Friday..........


  1. Wow. It snowed heavily here too yesterday and I think someone said it got to 10 inches in the neighboring city -- Charleston. I wish it had snowed all day. I didn't want to go to class today.

    Still refused to let me post. I had to disable Javascript

  2. well bro..its just stopped snowing up here in liverpool and though not thick ..quite a sight this morning...and its cooooooold!! hey regards to the family as always and boy do i agree on the hot water front....showers in the morning would not be possible otherwise!

  3. Poor You!! The heater packed up. I can only imagine how cold u guys were. There was a time a friend of mine came to visit me and Iwent and fiddled with the heater only for it to pack up just like urs. It wasnt funny at all cos the house was soooooo cooooooollllldddd!!! Had to call the engineers in the next day.

  4. Ouch! Hope you get it all resorted out soon, Boso!

    Milan will be great fun for your wife, I'm sure, although she will miss you too!

  5. Azuka: I wonder why, it's fine for me, and everyone else. (I think)

    sppadic: I hear you guys are getting your own snow today.

    Calabar Gal: It was terrible.

    Pete: All good now, thank goodness.