A trip of firsts….

OK, it's confirmed (kind of), so here we go.

I'll be taking my first ever business trip in a few weeks.

It will also be my first ever visit to the USA, or 'God's own country' as some Nigerians call it.

I'll be in New Jersey for a few days, then spend a weekend exploring New York, then it's off to Virginia for a training course, before I come back 'home' to London Heathrow.

I'm really looking forward to it, and I suspect my wife is fed up of me talking about the trip.

Hopefully, I'll take loads of pics and post here, will also try and blog from there. Right now, I'm checking all my gadgets and sadly, finding out that most of them don't work with 110 V !!!


  1. hey bro...well hope u have a safe flight n a great time in the good ol U.S.A..i reckon u will find most things wont work directly with the 110V supply used there...hey have heard great things about New York..atleast you can get to see the statue of liberty,time square n the 4 boroughs..i always feel new york is one city thats pretty much quite well known..thanks to all the TV shows that are cast there..:-) Shame about the game today..we have lost 2nd spot now ..and just didnt play well..

  2. Wow, that's great. Have a nice them [here] :D.

  3. Hope you have a great trip, Boso! sounds really exciting!

  4. Nice blog u got here!Have a good trip.

  5. Well that is exciting. I hope you enjoy yourself!!!
    I am sure you'll really miss your wife and sweet Baby O though.
    Pack some warm clothes, it has been so cold there that they have even canceled all the public schools... YIKES!

  6. 110v? those funny yankees, your digital camera will work anywhere(oh yea for charging it erm...) get extra batteries. enjoy