Pinch, Punch……….

First of the month.

Great news on the Baby O front, after initially turning down WySoy, Baby O finally took it 24 hours later !! And she's been gobbling it up every day since Tuesday. Well, it's only been 3 days, but we are so relieved.

I upgraded the software on my blog to Wordpress 2.1, only to find out that several plugins no longer work. The funny thing is that my other blog upgraded, but not in the same way, in fact, it's close to un-usable. Thankfully, I blog effectively enough using the Windows Live Writer, so at least I'm happy.

Might be traveling for work in a few weeks, almost confirmed, should know for sure tomorrow. The trip has been in the offing for a while, but it kept getting canceled, postponed, etc, so I decided to keep quiet about it for now. But it looks very likely to go ahead now. I'm going to miss my wife, and my lovely daughter so much. Will she remember me when I get back I wonder?

Anyway, the first month of 2007 is already over !! Time flies, eh?


  1. Ooh, going anywere interesting Boso?

  2. Great news! What a relief it must be for you.

    I went through the upgrade process without a hitch. What was the problem?

  3. Purple: Not really, will confirm once I have booked the flights....I promise.

    Azuka: On this blog, a few plugins are not working. On the other blog however, I can only write new posts in HTML, the WYSIWYG i.e. 'visual' editor is not working, and I can't figure out how to turn it on.

  4. Yay WySoy! Hope the travel goes well.

  5. Well, some plugins are very incompatible with the new version. For some reason the developers made many changes to the Wordpress code and I had to spend a frustrating two hours going through their codex to get my template working. A lot of depreciated functions have been dropped and if your plugin relies on any of them then it's not going to work.

    Just curious though: which files did you upgrade? The WYSIWYG editor works perfectly on mine.

  6. I did an upgrade of the blog from cpanel/control panel. It's as easy as can be, click on a link and your blog is upgraded.

    Two different blogs, same process, and the WYSIWYG editor works on one, and not the other. I'm thinking about deleting both blogs, and restoring all the data from a backup.